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A Pre-Mother’s Day Celebration

We wanted to plan a weekend getaway planned for Mother’s Day, but unfortunately, Jason may be traveling, so our Mother’s Day plans are still in flux.  For me, Mother’s Day starts with celebrating my own mother, who is the most incredible, influential person in my life. And, naturally, the day is about my children, because they are the ones who make me a mother.

With uncertain plans, I decided to fix myself a little Mother’s Day treat. I really wanted (and needed!) a spa day. I am a huge fan of everything Four Seasons, but I’ve never been to their spas without staying in the hotel, so I set up an appointment for a facial, followed by an afternoon of bliss. I wasn’t quite sure what to except, and couldn’t recall the last time I decided to pamper myself in the middle of a week day.

Time At L.RAPHAEL Beauty Spa At Four Seasons Hotel New York

L.RAPHAEL Beauty Spa at Four Seasons Hotel New York is a luxury destination for city dwellers and visitors alike. The location offers the most effective treatments and breakthrough technologies that they are the forefront of anti-aging skincare. The comprehensive treatment menu includes facial, body and massage therapies, hair and nail care, and makeup application.

Time At L.RAPHAEL Beauty Spa At Four Seasons Hotel New York

My treatment of choice was the Oxy-Peel Anti-Aging facial treatment. This multi-step treatment features L.RAPHAEL’s technologically advanced Oxy-Tech II machine to rejuvenate skin and dramatically reverse visible signs of aging. This facial treatment is optimal for preventing premature aging of skin, restoring quality, texture and appearance, while addressing dryness, wrinkles, roughness, loss of firmness and sun or age spots. I felt results immediately as my skin was not only glowing but felt tighter.

Time At L.RAPHAEL Beauty Spa At Four Seasons Hotel New York

As if my facial wasn’t enough, my mom and I took the kids back to the Four Seasons last weekend for brunch at The Garden Restaurant. It was the perfect way to guarantee that we could celebrate the special day together, and with gorgeous weather, it was the perfect excuse to frolic around uptown. The restaurant provides a dramatic, enchanted forest-like restaurant setting in New York, which the kids loved.

Time At L.RAPHAEL Beauty Spa At Four Seasons Hotel New York

Time At L.RAPHAEL Beauty Spa At Four Seasons Hotel New York

Upon sitting down, the first thing that Siella ordered was tea, which I thought was hilarious. The restaurant was very considerate of Ryder’s gluten allergy, by preparing some gluten free silver dollar pancakes just for him. Each child ordered their favorite breakfast: pancakes for Ryder, waffles for Siella, and scrambled eggs for Gemma. My mom ordered an omelet, and I went with my usual Eggs Benedict.

Time At L.RAPHAEL Beauty Spa At Four Seasons Hotel New York

The service was impeccable, and our incredible waiter Milton made sure we were catered to very well. He gave each of the kids a little plush animal, along with strict instructions that their new fuzzy friends needed to eat brunch with them too. The kids were shockingly on their best behavior, fully enjoying each other’s company, and all of their delicious meal. Overall, it was the perfect Pre-Mother’s Day destination.

Thank you to the Four Seasons for making Mother’s Day so special! Be sure to check out SITC Mother’s Day Gift Guide and Giveaway including a $250 giftcard to use at FS Hotels & Resorts. 

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