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A Day In Central Park

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Last week, Kamik invited the girls and I up to Central Park for a little ice skating at Wollman Rink. During the winter months, we have an ice skating rink literally in our backyard, but it was nice to change it up to get out of our neighborhood for a bit.

There’s just something about skating in the middle of Central Park. The mood, the scenery and the setting immediately put us into the holiday spirit. And the best part was Kamik setting up a winter wonderland for us, complete with cookie decorating, hot chocolate, and a preview of all of the fall styles.

The weather was cool, but not too cold, which couldn’t have been more perfect for us. Siella and Gemma were super excited to get back on the ice. Even though it had been a year, you can see how much they have improved. Gemma laughed the entire time, which always puts a smile on my face!

Our ice skating session was followed up by a stroll through the park, with our hot chocolates in hand.

They claimed it the best girls day ever, and I couldn’t agree more! Psyched to be kicking off the holiday season which is by far my favorite time of year in New York City!

We just returned from a ski trip and I cannot tell you how happy and warm we all were in our Kamik boots! The girls favorite style is the Takoda. the stylish kids’ boots that keep feet warm and comfortable from fall to spring. Designed for life in the city, these versatile winter boots are great for running through slush or simply catching up with friends in the schoolyard!

Here are our favorite styles from Kamik here!

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18 thoughts on “A Day In Central Park”

  1. We love Central Park! This time of year, it really comes alive with the onset of the holiday season. Your pictures really do it justice.

  2. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyles

    I’ve been to a lot of cities. I’ve been to a lot of green spaces in those cities. I have to say the Central Park is the most magical green space in any city that I’ve ever been in.

  3. I’ve been there once and I will be back there soon.. I will be in NYC in mid-January 2018. I am super excited to be in the Big Apple again, and I will make sure I spend a day there at Central Park.

  4. Wow Looks like so much fun in Central Park. I love that you were able to enjoy a nice time there, looks like happy memories were made. Love that ice rink, it looks spectacular.

  5. Your pictures are beautiful! I love Central Park – I live in New York, so I get to visit a lot – it’s always beautiful but there’s something so special about it during the holidays!

  6. I haven’t been to NY, but if we get there, Central Park is my first stop. It looks like you all had a wonderful day spent there!

  7. This makes me want to visit NYC! It has been years since I went ice skating in Central Park, and I would love to go again. That sounds like such a lovely day! I need to get back to the city for a visit.

  8. Central Park is a great place to visit as there are so many fun things for the family to do. I plan on visiting this winter.

  9. I have always wanted to go skating in Central Park. I was there in the summer and it was amazing. It is a little piece of heaven in the city.

  10. Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's Place

    We visit my sister almost every year in Long Island, NY but I have never been to Central Park. Can you believe? I need to go soon! Sounds like your family had fun- even in this cold weather!

  11. I am the worst ice skater! I think there’s probably something special about the ice in Central Park, so I will certainly need to give it a spin.

  12. I am totally missing Central Park and the whole of NYC! I miss living there and I’d love to visit soon. It’s lovely to go there this time of year even if it’s a little cold.

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