A Day At Coney!

Last week, on a whim, Jason and I decided to take the kids to Coney Island. A trip out there has been on our list all summer and having recently passed it on the way to Rockaway Beach, we were more eager than ever to go. We usually make it there at least once a year for the rides, the sweets, a visit to the Aquarium, and some Nathan’s hot dogs. I remember many family to trips to Coney Island when I was a kid, so we’ve kept the tradition alive since the kids were babies.

The weather was overcast all day, but we took advantage of the clouds to hit all the amusement parks and boardwalk. And the weather kept the crowds away too, resulting in no lines for the rides so we bounced from one to the next.

Ryder is pretty fearless on all the rides, and he loves a good roller coaster or upside down attraction. He convinced Jason to go on this one with him. Just watching them from the side lines made me super queasy!

Who can go to Coney Island without hitting the Cyclone. It brings back so many memories from my childhoods, and I was so ready for Ryder to experience it, but he missed the height cut off by one half inch! He was so bummed, but I guess we’ll just have to return in a few months so he gets his chance.

Gemma is all about thrill rides too, and the only thing that stops her is her height. She and Ryder coming down the splash log ride was just hilarious. Siella typically sits out on the scarier rides.

Games, games and more games, we can never escape them. Each child left a winner, with Ryder scoring big with this Pikachu doll, that he won from one of the hardest games in the park. He was so proud of himself!



And of course the ferris wheel were just a few of the rides we hit.

After the parks, we hit Nathans. I personally like their fries better than anything else.

I was so shocked and proud of Siella when she agreed to go on this swing ride. When it started to swing, we could see her starting freak a little, and I thought she was going to walk off in full on tears. Somehow, she held it together and put on a brave face for her siblings.

Overall, it was the perfect summer Sunday. Definitely a day they will remember when they looking back at the summer of ’17!


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