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7AM ENFANT: Pookie Poncho Classic

I know I’ve said this before but 7AM ENFANT is definitely part of my NYC winter survival gear. In a city where your main form of transportation is walking, I know I can rely on 7AM ENFANT to keep my kiddies warm and toasty in their strollers during the cold months. With the baby on the way, I couldn’t have been more happy when the innovative company introduced the Pookie Poncho Classic. This newest edition can be used as a baby carrier cover and blanket for a stroller or car-seat. It comes with two interchangeable hoods that allows parents to easily convert the product from carrier cover to use on strollers and car-seats. When used on a baby carrier, the smaller hood attaches with snaps to the back of the cover to protect infants facing inward or outward. The larger hood zips onto the cover, adapting for use on any stroller or car-seat, covering all but the child’s face. It’s absolutely brilliant because this blanket will be with you from birth till toddler years. The Pookie Poncho comes in a wide range of colors from neons to basics, and retails for $118. For more information and to check out all of 7AM ENFANT products visit www.7amenfant.com


SITC was not compensated for this post but did receive a sample for review. All opinions are my own. 

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