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5 Easy Treats to Make for Halloween

Happy Halloween! How can time be moving this quickly? It feels like just yesterday it was August. We’re looking forward to trick or treating tonight, but I realized I didn’t have a fun snack or treat for the kids for after school day. I like to make something fun on each holiday. So I ran to the internet to find some cute recipes that were not only Halloween-themed, but easy to make! I know they’ll be getting a lot of candy tonight, but it’s extra special to have something sweet ready for you after school on a holiday. And these are especially great Halloween desserts if you have a Halloween party to attend!

I know it can feel overwhelming to have too many options and as today is the day to make perfect Halloween treats, we need to work fast! Spooky season ends tonight and Halloween parties are commencing! Traditional fun treats include caramel apples, candy eyes, spooky mummy cookies, cute spiders, little ghouls, Halloween sugar cookies and anything including pumpkin puree and pumpkin seeds. Ideally, you can take any Halloween candy and make delicious Halloween treats out of it in a creative way. Even covering oreo cookies with candy melts or melted chocolate with food coloring for a spooky effect is great. I’ve seen people cover Halloween cookies with melted white chocolate and stick pretzels in the sides to make a cute treat that looks like a spider! The limit does not exist here!

So here are 5 super easy Halloween treats to make today!

Pumpkin-Spiced Buns with Spiderweb Glaze

I think cinnamon rolls are a classic sweet treat to have. Anything that has a spin on it is so fun! Especially if it’s fall-themed. These are surprisingly easy to make and can even be enjoyed as a snack. Personally, I think spiced buns make a delicious breakfast.

Recipe/Image: Country Living

Bewitching Candy Truffles

Now I know what you’re thinking! The kids are having candy tonight. But these are different. These are not like your typical reese’s peanut butter cups or traditional milk chocolate. They are more decadent than that! And the fact that they can be decorated like spooky Halloween treats is even more fun! I love when a recipe allows for creative freedom. Getting to be creative in the kitchen is one of my favorite things!

Image/Recipe: Erik Kran, c/0 Woman’s Day

Purple Monster Rice Krispy Treats

I don’t know what it is, but rice krispy treats are like one of the most popular treats for kids. Don’t get me wrong, they are delicious, but it shocks me just because they are so simple to make! Rice krispies cereal and a marshmallow mixture? I can make that! Cover this easy snack with your choice of colored melted chocolate and top them with candy googly eyes or make your own and you’re good to go! You can take white chocolate and put a chocolate chip in the center to create the look of eyes.

Image: Milk & Honey Nutrition

Vampire Cookies

Tell me these aren’t the coolest, spookiest cookies you’ve ever seen!? They really look like a vampire’s mouth! Who knew mini marshmallows looked so convincing as teeth! I think if you didn’t want to use food coloring for the red part, you could even make a strawberry mixture and it would look the same!

Image/Recipe: Delish

Spider Cheeseballs

I wanted to include a savory recipe in here, just in case you were worried about too much sweets and sugar for the day! These are super easy to make and would honestly look adorable on a charcuterie board for a party! Serve them with a side of fruit, such as grapes and you have a yummy after school Halloween snack!

Image/Recipe: Inspired by Charm


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