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14 Holiday Shoes for the Season

I cannot contain my excitement with the start of the holiday season! While I’ve begun my gift shopping, I realized I have no idea what I’m wearing to all of my holiday events. So let’s start with shoes! Because why not? You can never have too many pairs of shoes, especially a pair of heels! A party shoe is my favorite kind and I tend to wear them not just with a holiday outfit, but throughout the colder months out. Specifically, color, style, material and price are contributing factors to shopping for holiday shoes. Realistically, you can pick 2 categories that are important to you and run with it.

Let’s chat holiday shoes!


Firstly, finding the right shoes for every occasion is not a simple task. There are so many styles that are on trend at the moment, such as a pair of boots like thigh-high ones, some of the best sandals to wear into the winter are platforms and casual shoes that can be dressed up. Kitten heels, ballet flats and sparkly shoes are some of the best shoes for the holiday season. It’s always a good idea to grab a pair of statement heels that can be worn with neutral looks and be the center of attention. Those always work!


A red shoe is the classic color for Christmas. That and green, metallics and sparkles. Different colors for the holidays are always a more fun option as a pop to any outfit. Go for what you know will work with your closet! If you love color, go for the color. Or if you’re more neutral, stick to what is a good time for you. Although, it never hurts to step out of your comfort zone with accessories! Last year, I went neutral on the shoes and I think I’m gonna switch that up this season!


When I say material, I mean that the texture itself is an important part of the decision. If you are in a heavy snow climate, make sure you have waterproof shoes that can withstand the snow and ice. Or maybe it’s a good idea to pack your party shoes and wear walking shoes or winter boots when you arrive. So you don’t have to ruin your holiday heels or wear them the whole time if they’re not so comfortable. Patent leather, suede, crystals and velvet are among the most popular options in regards to material. Finally, choose what will bring the right texture to your look.

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You can find these at Nordstrom and they are neutral while having a bit of sparkle! Firstly, I love a good mule.
These are like a thousand dollars less than the originals! Secondly, the clear heel is super on trend and they’re easy to walk in.
I love the pearl detailing on these heels. They’re neutral and can be worn year round while still feeling dressy.
You can wear sandals on holidays! You’ll be indoors and a little metallic is too fun to skip out on!
How could I not include these?! Feathers are so in style right now! These would go great as an accessory pop to a simple look.
The ultimate collaboration! I can’t even begin to tell you how obsessed I am with these! They are perfect for the holidays and a night out.
This is the perfect time of year to wear green shoes! I actually often like to throw my pop of green platforms on for a little spice to my outfit.
Knee high boots are essential this winter! The gold tone makes any neutral outfit that much more fun!
How stunning are these?! Although, I love the floral and bow details.
Rhinestones galore! I love a chunky heel, it helps you walk better, in my opinion. Specifically, the sparkle on these is enough to light up a whole room!
If you’re looking for boots that feel dressy, these are them! Furthermore, I love the metallic vibe!
These are another favorite brand of mine! Moreover, the velvet is a nice touch and the shade is beautiful!
Particularly, I love rhinestones! These heels have all the glitz and glam you need this holiday season!
Finally, pearls are very in at the moment, which I love! These come in a few shades and are so easy to walk in.

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26 thoughts on “14 Holiday Shoes for the Season”

  1. You have a great selection of shoes here. The green sparkly ones are so fun! I don’t know if my ankles could handle the heel on most of these, but they are cute.

  2. Like most men, I have never owned very many shoes. I think the number I have now, which is 7 pair, might be an all time high for me. But I agree it is good to have an assortment, since you never know what you may need.

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