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Exploring the Tin Building

Attention New Yorkers and all who are planning on visiting the city! There is a newly restored building in Seaport called The Tin Building that is owned by Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. This building is a brand new chapter for food emporium in the city. Located at 96 South Street Seaport, it is open Wednesdays-Sundays from 10AM-9PM. I’m always looking for new restaurants and cocktail bars to enjoy around town, so I was elated to hear the construction phases had concluded and the New Tin Building was ready to serve New York City.

Here’s everything you need to know about it:


Historic Tin Building

Jean Georges came to NYC in the 80s and was fascinated with the Fulton Fish Market, which had some of the most fresh fish in Manhattan. He has taken this opportunity to make a tribute to the city and location that is a big part of his New York experience. Having a place where you can get fresh produce, fresh breads, a full raw bar and so much more was essential to him. This 53,000-square-foot marketplace is a development of pier 17 in the historic Seaport neighborhood.

About Jean Georges

Jean Georges is one of the most famous chefs in the entire world! He has about 60 full-service restaurant concepts all over the world. So hearing that he created another culinary marketplace is not surprising and only exciting! Jean-Georges restaurants are a direct reflection of not just his culinary experience, but his life experience. He’s from France and while he went to culinary school in southern France, he has been to many countries and immersed himself in the culture and food experiences to draw inspiration from. Hudson Yards was one of the newer developments offering private dining options and a food hall, but this is definitely nothing comparable. It’s a true culinary destination and an iconic New York staple.

What’s Inside


All of the inspiration has been drawn from his restaurants in Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe and America. There’s even a gourmet grocery store inside that is full of specialty products you might not be able to find elsewhere. Need to-go items? They have that! Fresh seafood, meat and cheeses are also available at quick-service counters.


There are numerous dining options in the Tin Building, so much so that literally everyone would be able to find something they love there. There’s Sandwich & Salad, which is self explanatory. This is great for picnic items and lunches. The Frenchman’s Dough is full of Italian bites, Shikku is sushi and sake, The House of Red Pearl is delicious Chinese food and Double Yolk is all breakfast foods. These fast-casual counters are hard to say no to. Now we can’t forget about the Fulton Fish Co., which is a tribute to the Fulton Fish Market. Seeds & Weeds has vegan and vegetarian options, Taquito is Mexican food, T. Café is a coffee shop and finally T. Brasserie is a French spot. So when I say you can get anything here, I mean it! From breakfast to craft cocktails to Asian food boutique and specialty items, the Tin Building is a must-do!


Add this to your NYC things to do the next time you’re free!

Thanks to Nadia Leon Photography for the photos!

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