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11 Family Fun Events For September In NYC

Summer is coming to an end and we’re slowly all getting back to our daily mundane. All my kids go back to school this week, which can be so bitter sweet. We had one of our best summers yet touring around Italy and all its beauty, but we’re ready to be back home to our Big Apple. September in NYC is truly one of my favorite months. The weather is absolutely gorgeous and warm but the trees are changing colors and preparing for fall. Its an amazing time to be outside with the family without feeling exhausted from the heat. There are a lot of really great family friendly events happening this year that I wanted to share with all my other fellow New Yorkers!


Football season is back and my household is excited! No matter who your family cheers for and even if you don’t follow a team yet, football is a great thing for the whole family to get excited about. The games are always fun and energetic. Watch at home with snacks and friends. Tailgate as group. The entire season leaves your options endless for months worth of fun.


A county fair is a top five most classic American summer activity. I cant imagine not going to a fair at least once a year. Rides, games, fried food, classic treats, bright lights, etc…..A county fair provides a magical fun filled day or evening. I remember going years ago when I was a child and I love taking my family now.  My kids love playing the games and taking home as many stuffed toys as possible. Haha!


September in NYC is often a reminder of our unity in this big great city. September 11th brings us together and reminds us of that awful day 18 years ago. Ground zero hosts its annual memorial with lots of activities to remember the lives that were lost. Its definitely a moving time to visit the museum, and walk around the area. No matter where you’re from there is an undeniable energy in the area during this month.


My Gemma loves butterflies! She did a school activity where they all released butterflies and after school that day once at our neighborhood playground one landed on her. She continues to be convinced it was one she released from school. This is a beautiful and fun way to get a bit of a science lesson in with our children. I love teaching my kids about earth sciences and the circle of life.


This annual festival is a New York classic! I cant walk down the streets of Little Italy without thinking of this festival and all the memories I have coming here. I absolutely love the Italian energy during this festival! Musicians playing Italian classic and Frank Sinatra. I love indulging in all the delicious Italian street food, and I definitely cant go home without a cannoli. I know this year will be extra special for my family as we’ll just be coming back form our Italian getaway on the Amalfi Coast.


This exhibit is a perfect example of why I absolutely love raising my kids in such a diverse city. I love this artful popup. As a family walk around taking in the beautiful photography with the most iconic skyline,  Manhattan and its bridges! I love exposing my children to the art world and all the different ways one can express themselves and their perspectives. This exhibit also makes a great date night!


Check participating museums for NYC’s annual Museum Day, this year September 21st. I love the idea of these world known museums opening their doors once a year for free! This allows so many families to have access to exhibits they might not have been able to see otherwise. Maybe a great day to do some museum  or exhibit hopping. Hehe!


Also September 21st is Children’s Day for the annual Brooklyn Book Festival which lasts September 16th-23rd. The festival celebrates over 300 authors and 250 booksellers. Children’s Day includes workshops, activities, a scavenger hunt, a costume parade, book making, and more. Its truly a great way to get all our kids excited about reading and the new scholastic year!


I just love these earth science fairs, and in this case marine science! Bring your kids to pier 84 on September 28th for the ultimate marine science festival, SUBMERGE! Activities include kayaking, catch & release fishing, kid approved science experiments, and more. This festival aims to excite the next generation about marine life and making STEM accessible and engaging for everyone.


The good ole renaissance fair is back!  This is a wonderful day activity for our little entertainers and history buffs. The costumes, the role playing, the jousting, the fairies and their enchanted forest, the renaissance food, its all so exciting. Festival runs Saturdays & Sunday from August 17th through October 6th. Children 12 and under are admitted for free but don’t forget their costumes for the children’s costume contest!

Ronald McDonald House Block Party

Give back this month while having a blast. September is National Child Cancer Awareness month. The Ronald McDonald house is having their annual block party charity day! This street festival is a wonderful way to take the family out for a fun filled day while also giving back towards families in need during tough times. Festival includes street food, crafts, games, and more.




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11 thoughts on “11 Family Fun Events For September In NYC”

  1. I would love to go to the Orange County Fair one day. I saw a video of it recently and it looks like so much fun. I’ve never heard of the San Genneraro festival before, and I loved Little Italy when I visited last year. Will have to come back and visit when this festival is on

  2. I went to New York City over Christmas last year and had the best time. I’d love to go back one day! It was very cold when we went, so I’d like to go over the summer when it’s warmer.

  3. We have been to New York city so many times, but not heard of the renaissance fair before – sounds like fun xx

  4. This is my first ever season following the NFL and I am super excited. Each person in the house is supporting a different team which is adding to the fun and there has been lots of family discussions already.

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