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For Mother’s Day we typically spend the day together doing my favorite things, like brunch and strolling around our neighborhood or even a little day trip somewhere. I honestly just want to spend time with my family and have a free agenda.

Receiving gifts for Mother’s Day is always emotional, whether is it a macaroni necklace or diamonds I am touched by each and every gesture my children make. Jason always makes an extra special effort to shower me with love and baubles for Mother’s Day, too. He is well aware of how hard us moms work to keep our crazy trains on the track so taking the time to make Mother’s Day meaningful is a no-brainer.

There are plenty of national brands celebrating Mother’s Day but one iconic brand that always seems to have family and especially moms in mind is JCPenney. They have been around for eons and are still a go-to spot for kids clothes, moms, dads, home goods, and beauty.

This year for Mother’s Day, JCPenney is celebrating with the Hallmark Diamond Collection. Hallmark is another iconic brand that we all associate with Mother’s Day and gifting thoughtful items. The Hallmark Diamonds collection has so many lovely pieces to choose from. One of my picks for this Mother’s Day is the Hallmark Diamonds “LOVE” necklace. It is delicate sterling silver with round diamonds. The 18-inch chain lets it sit at the perfect length and you can even layer this with other simple necklaces or wear it alone.

The gift of jewelry for Mother’s Day is always extra special. The kids are so excited to give mom something you will wear and of course you want it to be something you will cherish for years to come and even pass down.

Jewelry is one of those timeless gifts you hold on to forever. I still have several beautiful pieces from my grandmother and from my mom that are so important to me. I am excited to pass them along to my daughters one day, too. I have already given Siella and Gemma delicate stud earrings from when I was a little girl.

Go ahead and drop some hints to your husband/partner now (or just send them a link to avoid any confusion, wink-wink) so you can wear this darling Mother’s Day “LOVE” necklace on the day. Your kids will be so excited to give you something you can cherish forever and you will absolutely love it.


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