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When you really sit down and think about your friends and friendship, what comes to mind? For me I have my childhood friends, my school friends, work friends (old and new), and my mama friends. I’m happy to say that most of us keep in touch with one another, and even if we don’t when we see each other after months or years have past, it’s as if we picked up from where we left off. I hold each and every one of these relationships close to my heart. I make the effort to keep in touch with them, even though my daily schedule is hectic. A quick text or phone call here and there to know I am thinking about them is always on the top of my list.

This new video by Friendship Dairies, literally brought tears to my eyes. They teamed up with a real mom for a little social experiment. This mom desperately asked her friends to help her do a last-minute, very unpleasant task in an attempt to see if her true friends would really step up to the plate. You’ll have to finish watching the video to see if all of her eight friends showed up, but the video showcases the true power of friendship and the unexpected rewards that often come with going above and beyond for someone in need.

I really love that Friendship Dairies is bringing up the topic of friendship and how powerful it is, especially for moms. There have been plenty of times, a friend has called me asking for a favor, has just lost a loved one, or just needed someone to vent to. I know that through the years, I would never say no to my true friends, and always be there for them– because it’s sometimes the little things we do life that have the greatest impacts. I am also determined to teach my children about what it means to be a true friend!

A dear friend of mine, my children actually call “Aunt” Julie. Why because she is one of my closest friends ever, that we are practically sisters. In fact, we see each other so much, and even look like we can be related because we have similar features– both of our doormen think we are sisters. It’s pretty funny! But I know that if I have ever called Julie for an emergency or even if I need a simple coffee chat, she would make the time for me in a heartbeat despite the fact she too is raising two children, one being a newborn. In fact, it happened just the other day when I needed a bit of advice from her. She showed up to the coffee shop practically in pajamas with a baby strapped on her, just because I needed her. And that to me is a true friend, and I couldn’t be more lucky to have her in our life.

I would love to hear about your moments of friendship and that one friend that has been there for you through thick and thin and will continue to. Check out Friendship Dairies® which has been making high-quality cottage cheese, sour cream, farmer cheese and buttermilk for the last 100 years. As a product, they have integrity. As a brand, they hold together, stay true to who they are, and encourage others to do the same. They’re purveyors of friendship and believe that friends open each other up to new experiences. They turn their loyalists into advocates, and their easy, crowd-pleasing recipes prove just how surprisingly fun sharing friendship can be.


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