Sunday Styles: POP!

As much as I plan and organize out our daily routines, it never fails that we hit a few bumps down the road. Gemma especially has been extremely difficult to get dressed during the early morning hours. We’ll lay out her clothes the night before, but almost every morning she changes her mind, and we are left rushing to get dressed. She’s currently boycotting anything with sleeves and pants, which is not ideal for the colder temps or the fact that she only wants to wear summer dresses!

I have learned through my many years of shopping for my littles that anything with bells, whistles, flip sequins, and even light up shoes will almost certainly have a no fuss option when it comes to getting dresses. I discovered Pop Shoes this summer and they have become the kids favorite kicks.

POP offers stylish, comfortable and fun light up footwear for men, women and children. The light up shoe has literally never been cooler! Unlike other brands of light-up sneakers, POP Shoes can be worn all day, every day. Made of luxury materials, they feature timeless styles and LED lights with on/off switches and three settings: fast flash, slow flash and continuous, making them the perfect fit for work, play, night or day.

Gemma is wearing Pop Shoes’ first collaboration with graphic artist Matthew Langille. This shoe is full of beautiful colors and matches almost all of her outfits (sleeves or no sleeves).

Ryder is wearing the Fairmont style which is a high top full grain leather sneaker and has all of the same light features as Gemma’s! The Fairmont comes in colors black, red, navy and white (and is currently on sale now)!

The kids and I are loving their new kicks so much, I just might need a pair myself!

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