Saturday Style: GoldNo.8

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty jealous of my girls’ wardrobe. They seem to get all the fun stuff. I’m always gravitating toward the childrens’ section no matter where I shop, and I just love finding them cool and unique finds. The latest trend is all about customizing your swag. The girls are obsessed with finding cool patches or pins for their jackets, and Siella’s latest obsession, key chains for her backpack. They truly get all the fun!

I friend of mine recently introduced me to the brand goldno.8, but its for us mamas! This bag collection allows you to design and create your own tote, cross body, backpack or clutch. The customization process begins by selecting a bag style. Next, you choose a color combo, then select straps, and finally add personality with snaps, pins and key tags (my favorite). The bags are also reversible and can be worn a multitude of ways. goldno.8 bags are made from quilted, 70 Denier nylon. They are durable, lightweight and water resistant. All of their bags come with signature gold-plated snaps, which are interchangeable giving you the option to add personality with our decorative snaps.

I cannot tell you how excited I was when my customized bag, The Reversible Cross Body came in! I totally had fun with it, and picked out pins with a smiley face, lips, a peace sign, and chose a heart snap that I can swap out when I want to change things up! The girls were all over my bag, but I told them this one’s for mama!

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