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When I had Ryder, almost 8 years ago, I kept every little thing…from belly button to first haircut clippings…I think I even have one of his (unused) newborn diapers stored somewhere. And that’s the problem…somewhere. Cramped vertical living does not encourage the collecting and storage of keepsakes, especially by child number three. I try to be organized with first lost teeth and hospital bracelets but these items are all in exploding baby books and I’m afraid something will get lost.


Well, bye baby books it’s time for an upgrade. Luckily, Savor has come up with the most genius book cloth-covered boxes and products for organizing memories for children from baby years all the way through school years. Imagine stylish and beautiful archive boxes but for your memories.

IMG_4673 IMG_4655

The smart and stylish ladies at Savor have thought of it all. They offer different library sets in several color options and age ranges and they all come with over fifty illustrated labels. The slate gray color is the ideal neutral tone to add to any kids room or home library.

IMG_4657 IMG_4660

The Baby Edition has drawers for bulkier keepsakes, like first shoes and hats, and vertical files for sonogram pictures and letters. The School Years Edition consists of 16 vertical files for artwork, pictures and letters. There is also a Starter Set, which is a combination of both editions the starter set is probably perfect baby shower gift!


Even though I wish I would have started meticulously organizing the mementos of their childhood from the beginning it is never too late. So far, I have one for each child, and it’s been really neat watching them look throw their belongings from when they were younger. It is fun to go through everything again and easily archive it in these beautiful boxes. And the best art is with each passing year and each new milestone, I can just quickly add to these archival boxes.

SITC was not compensated for this year, we just really dig these keepsake storage boxes! 

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