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It is no secret that my family loves to hit the road. We like to take wintery weekend adventures, and in the summertime we hit almost every beach within a reasonable driving distance. Over the years we have covered a lot of ground and racked up plenty of miles driving all over the Northeast.

Now, we pretty much have car-travel down to a science, now. The “fun party” playlist is loaded on my iPhone so we can start the journey with great tunes. The digital devices are charged (with headphones at the ready) and loaded with the kids’ favorite movies or shows for when everyone (Mom) needs quiet-time. The cooler is always packed with goodies and wedged behind the driver’s seat…we have sandwiches, fruit, cut-up veggies, other healthy snacks and plenty of water. Typically, Jason will do most of the driving when he’s home. He travels a lot for work so I find myself behind the wheel in all sorts of weather, and at all times of the year, with three little passengers to worry about. I am an experienced driver, but because Jason travels all over the country he has had the opportunity to drive a variety of vehicles in every type of weather and over crazy terrain. He is a very confident driver. Me, on the other hand? Not so much.

The State Farm Assist Patrol program, called New York State DOT Highway Emergency Local Patrol (HELP) sponsored by State Farm makes me feel at ease when I am behind the wheel. When we travel we feel safer knowing that HELP offers the free roadside assistance on the busiest highways during the busiest travel times of the week for the little emergencies we never expect like flat tires, dead batteries, etc.

State Farm has partnered with 15 state transportation agencies to sponsor motorist assistance patrols on highways. Each fleet of Assist Patrol vehicles travels the roadways looking for crashes, dangerous debris, and stranded motorists to provide assistance and help drivers get safely on their way. It is great to know that we can depend on trained and qualified teams to respond if we have car trouble or need help. Driving can be stressful not to mention combining that with kids and a flat tire, or dead battery. It really puts me at ease knowing we have added safety on the road to help us if we need it during our wild adventures, or even just a quick trip to visit the grandparents.

Luckily we have never experienced anything serious, but the thought of changing a flat tire or jump starting a car with the kids freaks me out a little. I feel so much more prepared when driving knowing that State Farm is here to help! To find out more information about this program or see if it is in your state, visit here.


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