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I’ve had thick, curly, long hair for as long as I can remember. In fact, when I was little, they called me Annie because my ringlets were so tightly formed. Styling my hair as a kid was a breeze. I’d wash it, put in some product, and I was good to go. As the years progressed, I colored my hair adding a few highlights, which may have been the beginning of damaged ends and fly aways. I’m convinced that with each of my children, hormones changed my hair, and I’m sad to admit that for the last few years, I’ve been getting a blow out almost weekly to hide the frizz and the wave. My curls are pretty much gone, and without a blowout, I am forced to put my hair back in a bun, to avoid the fizzy nest on top of my head.

This summer I was determined to make my hair healthy again. I’ve worn hats to the beach, and curtailed my trips to the hair salon. I’ve found though that when I wash my own hair, I experienced crazy dandruff and my hair was left feeling super dry. After some research, I found Nature Queen Shampoo and Conditioner. It promotes healthy hair growth and scalp without harmful ingredients like paragon, GMOs, sodium laurel sulfate, artificial coloring, or artificial fragrance. The formula is made with a concentrated extract blend of nine types of healing herbs that have been traditionally used by Asian women for centuries; free from no added color or fragrance.

I’m not kidding that with just one shampoo and condition application, my dry scalp and flakes were gone. My hair felt healthy again, shiny, and I even noticed some more wave. I was so impressed! And, with no harsh chemicals, its perfect for dyed hair like mine. Nature Queen Shampoo is designed to nourish, hydrate, balance, cleanse, heal, and soothe your hair and scalp, while the Conditioner uses a blend of essential oil and extracts to coat your hair to revitalize and repair.

My girls take after me in the hair department, which I’m super happy about- sorry Jason! They both have thick curly hair, especially Gemma. With all of the pool and beach time over the summer, I can see the toll its taken on their hair. I started using Nature Queen on their hair too. They love the smell which is a captivating mix of herb extract and essential oils. I love post bath time, because they come out of the tub smelling divine.

I think I will stick to my summer resolution of getting my healthy hair back, and this formula is doing the trick. I’ve never seen their hair so shiny! Nature Queen comes in 16oz bottles that can be sold separately or come as a set, and they even offer a travel size set which is perfect for our summer travels.

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