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There’s nothing I love more than traveling with my family. With Jason’s work schedule typically keeping him away from home, our family travel is a time when the five of us can all be together, uninterrupted by the reality of our busy schedules. Whether it is a weekend trip to the beach, staycation in Manhattan, or a week in the Caribbean, we are all for it. Over the years, the kids have grown into expert pint size travelers. They love to pack their little backpacks, filling them with games, stuffed animals, iPads, so they can enjoy their own personal possessions, on plane rides or car trips. Siella even helps Gemma through the routine, so she doesn’t forget anything, which keeps her from stealing any of her older siblings toys. When it comes to the big packing, I’m still the one who pulls their clothing and gear, but recently, Ryder has become responsible for wheeling his own suitcase. With a large family, the volume of stuff is staggering, so I am constantly trying to pair down and keep our load to a minimum.

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The plan is to always try to keep the childrens clothing’s into one large suitcase, and for Jason and I to have our own. The idea of spilling into a fourth suitcase is maddening, as we are typically overloaded with carry-ons too. When it comes to luggage, I look for something that can fit our obscene amount of belongings, but can also handle the wear and tear of many trips over the course of the year. For this reason, my go-to is always SWISSGEAR.

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A few months ago, we picked up some pieces from SWISSGEAR’s Deluxe Hardside Spinner Collection. I was drawn to the hard shell of the luggage, and the chicness of the white hue, which was a nice alternative to the mundane black suit cases. Our new luggage had its maiden trip to St. Barts, followed by a beach house this summer, and most recently, a mini staycation uptown.

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The SWISSGEAR 6151 Deluxe Hardside Spinner Collection is lightweight and durable, and features a polycarbonate construction (a hard cover), an aluminum telescoping locking handle, and eight 360 degree spinner wheels that easily navigate turns and round corners. The ergonomically molded carry handles are perfect for Ryder to tote along, and an integrated TSA approved combination lock adds security.


The Hardside Spinner collection comes in three different size luggages, and is available in other fun colors like red, teal, and pewter. I have to say, based on our many weekend getaway and business trips, the 20 inch bag has become our favorite. When traveling for work, we prefer to carry-on our bags on the plane, and at these dimensions, we haven’t been asked to gate check as a result of lack of space. Travel has become a major part of our lifestyle, and I feel so fortunate that we can travel to so many amazing places. Looking forward to where our luggage will go next in 2016!


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