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One more week left until school lets out for holiday break, and I can barely wait. Since school year started in September, I’ve coveted our free time on weekends, lounging in our pjs into the afternoon, watching movies and just hanging around. And now, we can look forward to an entire week, which is the absolute best time with my family!

At least one weekend day contains brunch, typically somewhere in the neighborhood. Lately, with the frigid weather, we’d ratter stay warm and cozy indoors, and have the brekkie come to us. Well, a few weeks ago, the girls and I worked on a fun project with IHOP! Using the new IHOP ‘N Go online ordering platform made it easy for us to enjoy our breakfast at home and in our jammies. Our breakfast arrived exactly how it would, if we were dining at the restaurant.

The girls had so much fun trying out the newest additions to IHOP’s menu like the OREO Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast, Cupcake Pancake, and Silver Dollar Pancake Combo for the kiddies.

It brought back some childhood memories of when my parents took us to IHOP on countless Sunday mornings. There’s no secret that pancakes are the #1 favorite on their menu, and the International House Of Pancakes just always seems to hit it out of the park with their fun and creative pancake options!

Watch the fun video below which also includes IHOP’s take on ugly Christmas sweaters!


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