A Very Fancy Eloise Playdate

Last week, the girls and I were invited to a very special Eloise playdate, at The Plaza Hotel. As most of you know Eloise, is the hotel’s most famous resident, having been the subject of childrens’ books over the years. I can always relate to the character, because growing up my mom worked at the hotel across the street from The Plaza, and always had this magical fantasy about living there!

Three years ago, I took Siella to the iconic Rawther Fancy Tea at The Plaza, where we enjoyed tea time and a story book reading. To this day, she still talks about that experience, and still plays with her stuffed dog Weenie, she brought home as a souvenir that day! With this, I can not tell you how excited I was to go back to check out the latest at the Eloise Shop, this time with both my girls!

When we arrived, all of the pint sized guests were invited to decorate a little treasure box with jewels and stickers. This, of course, was Siella’s absolute favorite, because if she had her wish, she would craft all day long!

Next, it was time for a little face painting. The makeup artist was super talented. I mean, look at how gorgeous their faces look with all the sparkly jewels and designs.

With makeup done, it was time for a little fashion show. The girls were invited to choose any dress from dress up rack! After culling through the many options, all of them pink of course, they slipped on tiaras, and took part in a mini fashion show. One of the staff members acted as an MC, reading their names aloud, as the girls struck their favorite poses. If I could have bottled up their smiles and giggles, I totally would have. They all were the sweetest little things ever!

After their modeling stint, they had worked up quite a little appetite. They changed back into their “other” fancy dresses that they all wore to the party, and noshed on tea sandwiches, fruit, cupcakes and cookies, and washed down with tea and pink lemonade.

Needless to say, they consumed more sugar than sandwiches.

It was such a special treat, and the perfect evening with just my girls! A big thank you to Suzanne from Gotham Love for hosting the sweetest playdate! We giggled about it all the way home!

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