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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

It’s never to early to start preparing for Valentine’s Day! In fact, now is the only time left. As we know, shipping has been rough and delays are to be expected. When you see something you think your special someone might like, you have to snatch it because everything is going quickly. For anyone out there questioning on where to even start when it comes to shopping, I’m here to help! There are gifts for big celebrations and smaller ones to simply let someone know you care about them. It could be for a special someone, a friend or even yourself! No matter the size, every gift is special because it’s something that comes from the heart.

Smaller Gifts

Let me start by saying there is no such thing as a gift that is too small. It doesn’t exist because the thought itself, is what counts the most. If you are in a newer relationship or you like to exchange Valentine’s Day gifts that aren’t super expensive, just go with what you know that person likes. For example, a pair of slippers or a makeup bag. You can’t go wrong here.

Larger Gifts

This is where the jewelry comes into play. Every woman loves jewelry, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You can’t go wrong with a necklace or bracelet, because those are pretty much all the same size, so there’ s no guessing game and you can just go with something pretty. But if you want to go for a ring, make sure you have some idea of what size you’re looking for because exchanges aren’t fun! But they are doable!

Friendly reminder that Valentine’s Day is all about showing people how much you care for them, and it’s not about the gifts! Acts of service, like cleaning the house, doing laundry or cooking dinner can mean more than a gift sometimes. It’s all about what you’re comfortable with! Let me know what things are on your Valentine’s gift lists, I love discovering new finds!

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If you haven’t smelled these candles yet, let me just tell you, it is a necessity. They are so potent and the lasting time is fantastic! They’re luxurious but won’t break the bank.
How beautiful is this ring?! I love the meaning behind it as well, every woman has a Wonder Woman inside of her that deserves to be celebrated. It comes in a few finishes and plenty of sizes!
As travel comes back, so do travel necessities and this Silk set is a match made in heaven! Honestly, even if you’re not traveling anytime soon, these are perfect for everynight slumber! The silk is so gentle on your hair and face and really helps with beauty rest.
If you’re shopping for a daughter or niece, I think this is such a sweet gift! It’s the perfect hair bow that will make any outfit that much prettier.
I love giving this necklace to every mother I can as a gift! There are so many ways to personalize it- from adding children’s initials to choosing the style of the necklace, the possibilities are fabulous! Let’s celebrate mothers this Valentine’s Day and every day!
This is perfect for makeup on the go- in the car or on a trip. Stoney Clover Lane makes some of the very best accessories and this collection just launched!
If you haven’t seen these shoes yet, let me tell you they are more than just TikTok viral. They are worth every penny! Step up any outfit with these babies!
This is far more than just a lip product that has had viral videos made of it. This lip oil lives up to the hype! It’s luxurious and comes in so many shades– if you can get your hands on them.
This children’s pajama set is so sweet! Literally, it has little candies on it! It’s incredibly soft and perfect for any little girl this Valentine’s Day!
Venus Et Fleur truly make a stunning gift that will last a whole year! That’s right, these roses will stay pretty for a whole year- I even know people who have had theirs for 3 years! They deliver, so it’s something that you can write a card for and have set up to arrive on the special day.
This has to be the most darling home accessory I’ve ever seen! I think it’s so sweet and dainty- it would look perfect in a little girl’s room or even in a neutral entryway!
I love a good matching set when it comes to glassware. These are pink and so perfect for not only Valentine’s Day, but every day! They also come in a few other color options!
If you know me, you know I am a LoveShackFancy die hard fan! This cardigan is no exception, it is absolute perfection.
If you have someone in your life who loves to bake or cook, this is a gamechanger! It does all of the mixing for you and looks pretty on the counter!
Everyone needs Valentine’s Day PJ’s! These are so comfortable and neutral enough to wear all year round.

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29 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gift Guide”

  1. Awesome gift guide for this coming Valentine’s Day. Every item is perfectly chosen and whatever we get is gonna be great.

  2. I love the gift ideas but me and my husband already talked about no gifts this time. We will just have some simple celebration like movie marathon date night since we need to save for now.

  3. Ooh.. Valentines is nearly approaching indeed.. i am also planning to give my mom a new necklace.. she truly deserves it.. also it seems like preserved flowers are quite a hit these days.. they are long lasting and i’ve heard some can last for years. Thank yoi for these gift ideas

  4. Thank you for sharing these ideas! I like gifting experience instead of things on any occasion, because in our family we value this the most.

  5. Lovely ideas. I haven’t even thought about it this year to be honest. My husband and I always cook dinner for each other and maybe buy something small like chocolate or a silly present. We’re always treating each other so valentines is just another day.

  6. I love how diverse the gift options are. From stylish accessories to thoughtful personalized gifts, there’s something for everyone. Great job on curating such a well-rounded guide!

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