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The Top 10 December Books For Kids

December is a very popular month for books, and especially gifting books! I absolutely love gifting books to my children every Christmas. There are so many great options about the holidays, family, kindness, unity, and more! I also really try to stay on top of their reading schedules while on break from school! And want them to continue their educational growth even when on vacation. This months roundup has great options for children of all ages during this extra festive month!

Ted and his brother Brad cant wait to see if Santa Frog will come on Christmas eve. Their father shared a story about meeting Santa Frog once and being gifted a warm coat to stay cozy through winter. Now Ted and Brad wait patiently for their own surprises!
What if there was a little mouse living in your Christmas tree? This sweet mouse lives in a hammock set up in a Christmas tree while running around at night doing good deeds to prepare the home for Christmas. You’re never too little to do great things!
We love Cali’s Books in our home! These musical books always include the best songs and this is their super fun holiday edition. The perfect gift for a younger child! Can also be easily turned on/off with a little switch.
Do you or your children have a special ornament? Oliver is this families favorite ornament! The story explains how Oliver came to be and the importance of kindness. Gift set includes an Oliver ornament for your children.
Follow Juno as she prepares for picture day! Her mom wants her to wear florals and her dad wants her to wear ruffles, but Juno doesn’t know what she wants to wear!
While we’re inspiring our young girls to be their best selves, these calendar are right on brand! Pincurl Girls calendars feature super cute illustrations with awesome monthly affirmations for all our young women to take on their schedules!
This special story tells the tale of a fabulous fairy and her magical friends! The sweet elf who loves to make birthday toys and the wizard who makes the most delicious birthday cakes! The perfect book to gift for a special someones birthday!
This very important book reassures our children to feel their feelings. Its great to be happy, but its also ok to mad or sad. This story will help your children have the tools to express these emotions in a productive way.
My kids live in the hustle and bustle of NYC, and though we all love it, its also very important to slow down and be present. Mindful Moon reminds our children to embrace the now and the little things.
This fully illustrated grammar book is the perfect option to gift your children while on break from school. Its a fun and playful way in keeping up with their language skills.

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