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The Perfect Summer Straw Bags

What kind of bag screams summer more than straw bags?! They’re so fun and easy to style. With all of the different shapes and styles these days, there is a straw bag for every occasion. If you’re headed to the beach or out to dinner, I’ve found the perfect bags for any lifestyle.

What I love about this bag is how versatile it is. You can bring it to the beach or out to lunch. And the pop of purple is so cute!
This clutch is perfect for a night out and can be dressed up or down! It’s small enough to use as a little clutch, but fits quite a few things inside.
This bag is the perfect size if you’re leaving the house for the day. You can fit so much stuff in it and it’s so stylish! It also comes with a strap to wear it over your shoulder.
I think this tote is so sassy and it has such a unique shape! It fits a good amount of items and the price can’t be beat.
This clutch screams summer nights to me. It’s so dainty and pretty and the best part is you can wear it as a crossbody purse or take the strap off and use it as a clutch.
The shape of this purse is so fun and trendy! It has a crossbody strap, which is perfect for anyone on the go!
This might be the cutest bag I’ve ever seen! This bag is perfect to bring to brunch and I absolutely love the pop of pink.
This might be the perfect beach/pool bag! This bag is especially amazing if you have kids, because not only will it fit everything you need, but you’ll look so stylish carrying it.
The straw is such a fun twist on the bucket bag style. It’s the kind of accessory that adds the perfect texture and shape to any outfit. This piece is a true showstopper!
This purse is the epitome of summer! It’s shaped like a seashell and has stunning pearl detailed straps. If you don’t get complimented on this bag everytime you bring it out, I’ll be shocked!
I have to include a fan bag because they are the most fun summer purses! The shape of the fan is stunning and the scarf detail adds a pop of color and femininity to the bag.
I love how playful this bag is! It can be worn out in the day and dressed up with any outfit for night. The pom poms come in a few different colors, too!
This is a great affordable, trendy option! It’s handmade and has a strap to be worn crossbody.
This bag is too cute! It’s decorated with seashells and colorful ribbon and is lined for practicality. It’s the perfect daytime summer purse!

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6 thoughts on “The Perfect Summer Straw Bags”

  1. Monica Simpson

    These are all so pretty and perfect for summer but the Scarf Fan Ark Tote really took my eye!

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