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The Family That Jammies Together

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are just around the corner. The kids are already bustling with excitement, and I even heard them say the other day they needed to start making a list for Santa. With the holiday time also come many many traditions I’ve incorporated throughout the years. We see the great big tree at Rockefeller Center, attend as many Christmas shows as we can, there’s ginger bread decorating, holiday parties with friends and family, the list seriously goes on forever. Its truly a magical time of year for all of us and my most favorite!

The Family That Jammies Together | Stroller In The CityThe Family That Jammies Together | Stroller In The City

Another tradition, I’ve made happen each year are matching pajamas, for not only the kids but for Jason and I as well. The kids get such a kick out of us dressing just like them, that they often remind me each holiday season to remember to purchase our matching sets! I’m happy to say that this year we will all be matching ELVES! I found these adorable sets while shopping at my local BJ’s Wholesale Club this year, and the kids went absolutely nuts for them. BJ’s is my go to for all things holiday, and I was super excited to see these sleep sets for the whole family! They are super soft and cozy, and will most certainly be worn by all us on Christmas morning.

The Family That Jammies Together | Stroller In The City

I cannot tell you how much fun it was to do this shoot with the kiddies, it was definitely one to remember, with lots of giggles, and lots of laughing all the way. I think these photos will be making their way to our holiday card as well! I cannot wait to experience yet another enchanted holiday with my family.

Happy Holidays!

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The Family That Jammies Together | Stroller In The City

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10 thoughts on “The Family That Jammies Together”

  1. We have only done matching PJ’s one year and they where gifts from a dear family member. I will never forget it, such a special thing!

  2. One day I will be super prepared for Christmas and get us all matching pajamas. I tend to run out of time and we only can coordinate.

  3. Oh my goodness! Sooooo cute! I’ll bet you are going to have memories to last a lifetime and the sweetest Christmas cards this year! Now I need to get my act together! lol

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