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Travel memories are so important to me. My family loves to travel, and we’ve gone to all kinds of places both in the USA and abroad. Although I’ll have those memories forever etched in my mind, I love taking as many photos as possible so the family can always look back and remember our adventures. There are a lot of upsides to taking photos, but the downside is that if I’m taking the photos, I’m not in the photos! I also never seem to get just the right shot. I get close, but I never get what I’m envisioning in my mind. That’s why I decided to use Flytographer for our recent trip to Greece.

About the Services

Flytographer is a different kind of photography service. You don’t book portraits or graduation sessions. Flytographer is devoted to making it easy to create travel memories by connecting you with a local photographer. I love this approach because a local always knows the best angles, lighting, and spots to snap the perfect shots as you explore your chosen destination. These are professional photographers who use travel inspiration based on the location you are at to take beautiful images. If you seek inspiration from travel bloggers or travel photos on Pinterest, you’ll want to take most of your photos in the great outdoors.

New Perspectives

Visit new places and get a unique perspective on them all while getting your own travel photography. Each photographer has their own unique style, so you can sort through them for various locations you’ll be spending time in. I already know I’ll be booking them again for our next trip because I loved the camera settings on this last one! It’s a great way to get family photos for the year complete, too! My favorite part is they tend to have great travel tips because they are all from the area. I recommend booking mornings sessions vs the end of the day when the family is tired from exploring new destinations. These photographers make family photos so much fun and the main focus is simple landscapes for portrait photography. I’ve seen some of the best work in the world of photography from these sessions and it’s always great to see ourselves in a different light through someone else’s lens.

Local Photographers

Flytographer works by connecting travelers with local photographers in the chosen area. You simply enter your destination and dates, and the company does the rest. Within 24 to 48 hours, you’ll be notified if there’s an available photographer, along with their scheduling. If a photographer isn’t found immediately, Flytographer will work to find you another photographer. Then, you simply meet with your photographer for the specified date and time. Then, you’ll receive your photos five days after the shoot.


I know firsthand how easy it is to book with Flytographer and how amazing their local photographers are because I worked with them myself. I booked with Flytographer for our recent Greece trip so we could have some extra special shots, and I was absolutely impressed with the professionalism, skill, and personability of the photographer who did our session. If you follow my travel guides, you know my biggest piece of travel advice is to capture all of the memories. Flytographer is our top travel photographer service as world travelers. In no particular order, breathtaking landscapes, winning shots and a wide-angle lens are all great with this service. They take the best travel photographs and I will no longer be trying to do it myself!

Our photos are absolutely beautiful, and we’ll have them for a lifetime. So, we can always relive the good times we had in Greece with some of the most stunning shots of any vacation we’ve ever taken. I can’t recommend Flytographer enough. They are so professional and friendly, and our shots came out perfectly. If you’re planning a trip, book a session with Flytographer. Use my code: STROLLERCITY50, and you’ll get $50 off your first session.

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