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Project Playroom Reveal

I am literally bursting with excitement to show off our new playroom. As I mentioned last week, I turned to Land Of Nod design services to …


Project Playroom: Part I

This December marks 10 years that Jason and I have lived in our apartment. It’s safe to say it looks much different from when we …


Neighborhood Strategists

I would have never thought when we moved to Battery Park back in 2006, that I would eventually have three children, and a group of …


Bedtime Anecdotes

Sleep in our house is no easy task. With three children sharing a bedroom, one always wakes up the other. Over the summer, my children …


Game Changing Laundry

“What is the difference between two and three kids” is a question I get asked often. You know what I say,  besides being outnumbered, our …


Weekend With Samsung

A few weekends ago, I was invited to the Hamptons for a super fun event with Samsung.  Samsung outfitted an entire house in Sag Harbor …


Safeguard Summer Travel {& Twitter Chat}

Ryder is officially out of school by the end of this week, and I am ready to embrace every minute of our summer vacation to …


Two Shades Of Grey

Every January, fresh into the new year, I get a sudden urge to redecorate our apartment. Living in a small space, and may I add …

Cottonelle Go Commando Concert with New Kids on the Block

Childhood Reemerged

I attended the New Kids On The Block concert with Cottonelle as part of a sponsored #GoCommando campaign with Socialstars. This Sunday, I was completely …


Cup O’ Family

Most of Jason’s travels conflict with birthdays and sometimes even holidays, which is unfortunate, because I feel bad for the kids when their dad is not around. …


A Space Of His Own

In my family, I was one of three children, I was the oldest, then my sister, who is only 20 months younger, and my brother. When I …


Alleviating Mommy Chores

This is a sponsored post. Thank you for supporting SITC.  Small space or not, I am very particular when it comes to maintaining our apartment. …