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Summer Tween Swimwear Favorites

Shopping for swim suits with tweens and teens is a whole experience. They’re at the ages where they want to choose all of their clothes, which is amazing seeing them express themselves via fashion. But finding great quality swimwear with a variety of styles has become something we’ve had difficulty with over the last year. Spring break is officially over and thankfully we didn’t travel because the girls outgrew their swimsuits! Furthermore, with summer around the corner, it’s time to get some shopping done. The good news for a teen girl is that there are some great options these days for both two-piece bikinis and one piece suits. They didn’t have all these options when I was a tween!

Here are our favorite new swimsuit options in teen fashion:


Firstly, this is the most important category. There are a lot of cute swimwear options, but we find they have really cheeky bottoms. For extra coverage and comfort, we tend to go for features like adjustable straps, thicker fabric and even a tankini set. I love all of the super cute cover-ups they sell for your teen daughter. I even want them myself because not only do they have great coverage, but adorable styles and fun prints. You already know I love florals for spring and summer!


Furthermore, my girls’ fashion sense are amazing so I always love everything they pick out. Henceforth, we are still in the phase where they will wear a matching suit with me for special occasions, especially now that they are almost my size! Moreover, making sure it fits them well and they are comfortable are our first things we look for when choosing adorable options from the best swimsuit brands within tween sizes.


Secondly, style is pretty high up on my daughters’ list when they shop. I can’t blame them! It’s not all about fun patterns anymore, it’s about what’s on trend and honestly, when it comes to swimwear, I feel like trends stick for awhile. Specifically, if you’re into more coverage, there are a lot of modest swimwear options available, but I would say girl clothing brands are striving to replicate adult looks. The 9-12 age range is prime tween time and the swimwear sometimes looks like it’s made for a 21 year old. Furthermore, I understand getting older and the girls wanting to dress like tween girls now rather than kids, so I let them have as much freedom as I can. One piece swimsuits are adorable these days with the cut outs and bikinis are super cute with ruffles!


Finally, we are in the early stages of puberty and that is a fear of swimwear for a lot of young girls. Specifically, I’m really happy to see that swimwear brands are coming out with suits that have padding in them to act like an absorbent pad. So you don’t have to worry about tampon fears or missing out on swimming because of it. These are great especially for day camp and sleepaway camp. I’ll link a few of our favorites below, but these are incredibly practical for this age group.


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Firstly, I would never know these were period safe! They look like normal cute and trendy high rise swim bottoms. The matching top is comfy and they come in tons of colors.
Secondly, you already know I had to include a LoveShackFancy piece in this roundup! This is Siella’s favorite style and the pattern was too cute to pass up on.
Cut out details are so on trend! The pattern is great and Abercrombie has made some amazing quality products lately.
The preppy tweens are all wearing Triangl Swimwear! It’s definitely a more mature place to shop but if your kids are teenagers, I’d say this is totally a great option.
Neon for summer is always in! I love the coverage on this swimsuit and it’s really comfortable.
Another great leakproof option. I would seriously never know these were incredibly absorbant! They are too cute and I snagged a pair for the girls.
Floral patterns will always have my heart! I love this wrap style bikini top. It’s a great price and they have so many styles to choose from.
This is our favorite style of one piece swimwear. The ruffles are adorable and the pattern is one of our favorites!
Ruffles are one of my favorite options for fashion. This suit is the perfect piece for girls that are between being kids and teens.
How fun is this suit?! It comes in different styles, so if you love the pattern and want to explore fits, you can check it out.
If you daughters also like to shop in the juniors section, they wil love what Shopbop has online. This is a great option because it has great coverage.
Furthermore, we are on a mission to save this planet and if we can do so by purchasing clothes that are made from recycled materials, I think that’s amazing. The print and colors are so bright and fun for summer!
Moreover, this is such a fun piece! I love the color blocking and the cutout is a great twist on a classic one piece.
Finally, Target has the best swimsuits! The juniors section does run small so I’d suggest trying out a few sizes in each style to see what works best for you teen. But this pattern was too cute to pass up on!

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17 thoughts on “Summer Tween Swimwear Favorites”

  1. Just in time for our annual swimsuit shopping! Thanks for the links – these are great looking suits for the tweens in my house!

  2. Jennifer Prince

    Those are such cute options for tweens! They tend to be active yet still want to look grown up, and these are great.

  3. These swimsuit suggestions are perfect for my nieces. They fall in the tween and teen range and will love these swimsuits! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Your article on summer tween swimwear favorites is a delightful read! I appreciate how you’ve shared your personal experience and opinions on each item, making it easier for parents to choose the perfect swimwear for their tweens. The pictures are also helpful and add to the overall appeal of the article.

  5. Loved your article on summer tween swimwear! Your picks were super helpful and I appreciated your emphasis on finding swimwear that makes tweens feel confident. Thanks for sharing!

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