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Summer Camp Survival: Sanitize!

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When left to their own devices, kids can be…pretty gross. We can preach cleanliness and hand washing until we are blue in the face but kids are so focused on having fun they don’t listen. I try to instill good habits in my kids but inevitably they become little petri dishes. I am so glad summer is here to help erase the memory of this past flu season. Although, there are plenty of germs abound in the summertime.

I don’t go too crazy in the summer since we are usually outdoors, swimming, or at the beach and not cramped inside with everyone and their germs. BUT one of the places that rifes with germs is SUMMER CAMP. Of course it is; you have a hundred kids in close quarters swapping and sharing everything—if one gets sick they all get it. Cue the tears of parents around the country getting ready to send their kids to sleep away camp in the coming weeks.

Last year we sent Ryder to a sleep-away camp, I remember vividly cleaning and sanitizing his room down while we unpacked him and all of his belongings. I thought I set him up with just about everything he needed. But sure enough, just three weeks later when we picked him up I was horrified by what I found. His room was disgusting and smelly. I left most of his belongings behind because I just couldn’t deal. I should have provided him with an arsenal of disinfectant, which I will absolutely do next time.

PURELL® hand sanitizers kill 99.9% germs that can make us sick. Plus, new PURELL Multi Surface Disinfectant kills viruses and bacteria quickly, including cold, flu and strep in 30 seconds. The alcohol-based surface disinfectant kills germs just like bleach but without the harsh chemicals and irritating odors.

PURELL has on-the-go hand sanitizer sizes as well as hand sanitizing wipes and the new Multi Surface Disinfectant spray that can be used to sanitize soft and hard surfaces. You can use the Multi Surface Disinfectant Spray on food-contact surfaces without having to rinse with water. It is perfectly worry free for use around children and pets. And just what parents need when they send their kids off to summer camp!

I try to keep small PURELL hand sanitizers and wipes in every bag so I can always be prepared. I now attach little PURELL hand sanitizer bottles to my kids’ backpacks. For the next summer-camp experience, I’m not just sending treats and snacks in their care-packages, I’m including a full inventory of PURELL products to help keep germs away.

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10 thoughts on “Summer Camp Survival: Sanitize!”

  1. Whether it’s summer camp or a trip to and from the store, one thing is always the same: sanitize, sanitize, sanitize. That’s my motto.

  2. I’m trying to instill in my son that he needs to keep clean whether outside, at school or camp. Sanitizing is something I automatically do at home.

  3. Yes! We have these wipes with us at all times. During all months. It’s so important, and especially during the summer for kids to be prepared and have them handy!

  4. I’m so glad that purell has wipes. It’s a never ending. Battle trying to keep the kids hands sanitized

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