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Summer Camp at KinderCare

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Summertime, as you know, is my favorite season. I love the freedom and long lazy summer days at the beach or the park—but by week two of our loose schedule my kids (and I) start to crave a little structure. I am lucky that I am mostly in charge of my work schedule so I can be pretty flexible with my days to accommodate the kids. Most people don’t have this option if they work full-time and I know plenty of parents who drive themselves bonkers try to fit in a zillion activities to keep their little kids stimulated and fill their days.

Typically, I set aside a few weeks each summer for my kids to attend a fun and stimulating day camp. From as early as the preschool years I tried to have some type of activity for the kids—but now with three kids it is challenging to satisfy everyone much less schedule everything perfectly. A one-stop-shop is exactly what parents need especially for pre-school-age kids.

Recently, I worked with KinderCare Education on the launch of their new Tribeca Learning Center, and I was blown away by all that they have to offer for preschool and daycare. KinderCare has a unique way of encouraging children to become life-long learners by focusing on language literacy, creative expressions, and cognitive development.

Parents will be thrilled to know that KinderCare has day camp for kids this summer. Instead of trying to organize a million activities for your kids to cover all the bases this summer, you can send them to one camp at one location where they do everything. Best of all, the summer programs run up to 12 weeks—but you can choose any amount of time (in two-week increments), which is amazing if you plan to travel during the summer.

The KinderCare Education summer program offers a variety of activities and children to explore a new subject every two weeks. The program keeps kids’ minds and bodies active while exploring fun subjects like superheroes and inventions. Plus, KinderCare offers early drop-off and later pick-up, which is perfect because there is no “summer break” for working parents. KinderCare has three locations in NYC that cater to children up to 5-years-old and up to 12-years old in New Jersey locations. To find a location near you, check their website here, and schedule your summer camp soon because school will be out before you know it! For more information about specific summer camp options, click here: 


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10 thoughts on “Summer Camp at KinderCare”

  1. Melissa Chapman

    A good camp is as important as school when they are taking care of your kids for a few weeks. It is great they have locations to serve many different neighborhoods and New Jersey.

  2. Looks like everyone had a great time. I love summer camps. Kids can learn so much and meet so many people. Lots of fun to be had too.

  3. I am with you on how hard it is during the summer to keep everyone busy! I had no idea that Kindercare had a summer program. Have to check it out!

  4. This sounds like the perfect place for all kids this summer. I love that you can book in 2-week increments. It is time to start planning now.

  5. Your girls are just darling. Kindercare looks like they have a summer camp that’s perfect for them and I like the idea that you can book a few weeks instead the whole summer.

  6. Spring break was eye-opening. The kids sitting around watching me work makes them (and me) really cranky. Summer camp at Kindercare is going to save us all.

  7. Looks like it would be a great time for kids. If we didn’t have a ton of vacations already planned, I’d be looking into this for sure.

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