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Spring Deficit

As much as I love the warm sunny months, there is something to be said for the changing seasons. With the exchange in temperatures comes blooming trees, accompanied by fragrant foliage, all adding to the excitement of the upcoming season.  And, as the weather changes, it is a chance to change up our wardrobes and schedule, which breaks up some of the monotony. When we returned from our trip out west, I was ready for spring. I unpacked all of our warm weather gear, which had been tucked away for the winter months, and was ready to embrace the warm temps.


A few weeks ago, Ryder started baseball, with practice on Thursdays at 7pm, and games every Sunday. He seems really into the game, and its been a treat watching him finally starting to enjoy a sport. He may still need an occasional reminder to pay attention during the game, but he’s feeling more confident in himself, and really enjoys his team.

As a result of the weather, many of his earlier practices had been cancelled, so most of his initial baseball activity have been sessions we have had on our own with him. While I don’t mind the occasional April shower, the continued need for the winter coats, with residual snow storms, have become a real drag. Our closets and drawers are completely turned upside down now with clothing for every season. Its sweaters piled on top of light weight t-shirts, and sandals mixed in with boots. Nonetheless, we’ve been trying to enjoy the spring- the minimal amount of it.

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Despite the erratic temps, we’ve been trying to hit the playgrounds, and spend as much time out side as possible.  Gemma has really taken to scooting, turning into quite the speedster. It’s fun to watch her stand on her tippy toes and kick her little leg out, with every stride she takes. Compared to our last year in the playground, it’s been a pleasure watching her play in her surroundings rather than being on top of her in fear of her eating sand or falling off a slide.

IMG_7882 2

Siella is getting ready for her dance recital at the end of the month, and I find her dancing everywhere she can. Pre school will be ending soon, and I just completed the application for her Pre-K registration. I toured every school option in the neighborhood, and now we play the waiting game, to see which one will accept her next year.


As the season slowly evolves, we have geared up for the spring, and I am looking forward to whats ahead, even if the temperatures have yet to hit their normal highs for this time of year. After our brutal winter, we just need to peel off a little more patience until spring has sprung.

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3 thoughts on “Spring Deficit”

  1. I’m feeling the slowness of spring here in PA too. We’ve been outside a lot, kids have soccer 5 days a week, but I can’t wait for that hot summer sun!

  2. I hear you! These cold temperatures have done nothing to help my mood. I’m ready to put away the sweaters, but the weather seems to have other plans.

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