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Snow Sleds You Need This Winter

Happy New Year! It’s so great to be able to wake up to a completely fresh slate and peak organization. Winter has officially hit NYC and honestly, I’m here for it! My kids love winter activities like skiing and snowboarding, but one they really enjoy is sledding. It’s something they can do with each other and friends and all you need is your own sled! There’s no special shoes or boards or skis that need to be purchased.

When I began looking at sleds to buy, I was pleasantly surprised with the options these days. There are a plethora of different sleds to choose from and they are all so cool. You can go the traditional route and grab a plastic toboggan one like the good old days, or you can go the modern way and pick up a blow up option. My kids think those are the coolest new thing this winter! It makes you feel like you’re driving the sled down the hill, rather than just riding it down.

I feel like sledding is one of those activities that everyone has great childhood memories of! There were so many fun days spent on snowy hills after school and on weekends with friends. I love that my kids enjoy sledding because it’s an outdoor activity that keeps them occupied and happy. It’s so refreshing to have something that gets them outside, keeps them active and off technology. It’s a much needed break from school work, too!

What’s great about it, is that it’s such a versatile sport– if we can call it that! Everyone can use so many different forms of sleds. This is one of those activities that is available in so many places, too. All we need is a hill and snow! It’s something you can do as a family, as well, which is great time spent with one another.

I want to know, what are your favorite memories from sledding as a kid? And do your children enjoy it?


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How cool is this?! It’s truly the ultimate sled for your kids these days.
Here we have a classic toboggan. How could you not love it?!
I can’t even properly explain how obsessed I am with this! I think it’s downright adorable and looks like so much fun to sled on.
How fun is this Glitter Galaxy Snow Tube is a silver & pink glitter-filled snow tube!
This is a double rider, and we love the colors!
How stunning is this sled?! It’s one of my favorites that I’ve found. I love the gold specks and the handlebars make you feel a little more in control of the activity.
Easy to use, super fun, inflatable Polar Bear Snow Sled. Get ready to hit the trail and slide at an exciting speed with this new SnowCandy inflatable snow sled.
Now this is cool! It’s like a bike for snow. The steering wheel gives you control and it’s so easy to glide down the hill.
Designed for use on firm, packed snow surfaces, this lightweight sled is fast, durable and a breeze to carry back up the hill.
This thick, durable construction provides a smooth and cushy ride for sledders of all ages.
Add some much-needed color to your snow day with the new Peppermint SnowCandy Tube
If you want to ride in luxury, you choose this one! Your kids are going to think this is the coolest sled! It comes in a pack of two, so there’s no fighting over it.
Here is another great lightweight option that’s easy to bring anywhere. It’s the perfect size for kids!
This toddler sled is the perfect accessory for your next snow day!
This one cracks me up! I think it is so funny and cute and I love that both kids and adults can use it.

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20 thoughts on “Snow Sleds You Need This Winter”

  1. I didn’t grow up with snow but my hubby did and he loves it! Now that we have a little one of our own, we take him to see the snow whenever we can. He loves sledding and so do I! It’s just carefree and fun. We have a tube sled but I would love to get that inflatable snowmobile for my little guy!

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

  2. Sledding is a great winter activity for kids that could be done even in the city. All necessary is a snow sled and winter clothes. I remember that my friends and I had many wonderful winter days. But yes, there are so many new and different sleds nowadays to choose from…Wow!

  3. I wish we had the weather for snow sleds but we barely get any snow. I think the last real snowfall was 2011 when we had the big freeze! Other than that, you need to live up high to get a decent snowfall.

  4. Some great options here and so much fun! I think we are due to get a new one as think my daughter has outgrown our existing one. Love the look of the donut! Now all we need in the UK is some snow…

  5. My kids could spend all day playing in the snow. They need a better sled. I think they would like the inflatable ones.

  6. These are the cutest sleds I have ever seen! When my son was younger he loved being pulled in yellow toboggan! Sleds are great fun for the kids to enjoy the winter!

  7. One of my greatest memories of playing in the snow is sledding down the hill near my elementary school. Every winter, we would anxiously await the first snowfall and race to the hill to see who could go fastest down the hill.

  8. WeI had one of the most beautiful snowfalls in my life. I and my friends took our horses out in the snow and took a ride on a trail. It was the only and best memory Ive had in snow

  9. We live in a place where there is not much winter, it’s warm all year round. But these snow activities are so wonderful, my daughter wants to do all these. Hope we can take her to a snowy place one winter.

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