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Skincare Essentials During Pregnancy

Skincare Essentials During Pregnancy

To say moms-to-be have a lot on their mind is an understatement. There is already so much to worry about when you’re pregnant, the idea of adding something as simple as skincare to the list seems insane. BUT…when you are supposed to be glowing and beautiful but instead you’re experiencing blotchy skin, unexplained breakouts, dry patches, excess oil—all probably brought on by the surge of hormones during pregnancy combined with sleeplessness and general environmental issues…your skin is hard to ignore.

We have rounded up (and tested) several products that are pregnancy-safe or natural but still effective. Some of these products can be used on your kids, provided you do test patches and dilute them. One of my favorite things to do is try skincare products… Admittedly, I am a small-time product junkie. I don’t go bananas and spend a month’s rent on mascara but I swoon for a serum and go gaga for face oils…I love washing and exfoliating and treating… I am a sucker for packaging and I am very particular about scents. Here is a roundup of a few favorites I highly recommend.

1. TRUE BOTANICALS Pre Cleanse Oil
All the years I spent using oil-free products thinking the oils were clogging my pores or making my face greasy were wasted. Apparently oils are good for your skin—who knew? Now I have added the Pre-Cleanse Oil step into my skincare routine before washing my face. The True Botanicals Pre-Cleanse Oil helps to remove make-up and cleanses the pores. Plus, the scents are so natural and spa-like. I’m in Love. True Botanicals also has a Basics line set to release soon that is specifically formulated with pregnant women in mind because there are no contraindicated essential oils.

(Side note: The True Botanicals hair-care line is pretty fabulous, too. Pregnancy can make hair luxurious and silky then postpartum can destroy it and make it fall out. It is important to use something nourishing and gentle throughout.)

2. EARTH TU FACE Face Balm
Another amazing line I have recently become addicted to is Earth Tu Face…this stuff is basically food-grade. You can probably eat it—but don’t—because that’s just weird. It is so safe you can use it during pregnancy and on the kiddos (diluted, of course). If you or your kids are suffering from eczema (like my toddler) this is a great natural balm to smooth scaly skin.

3. JUICE BEAUTY USDA Organic Treatment Oil
Juice Beauty has wonderful organic products formulated without parabens, petroleum, propylene (and lots of other bad stuff) for just about everything and everyone…make-up, lotions, oils, cleansers… etc. The Juice Beauty Treatment Oil is great to keep on hand for everyone in the family and especially mild for use during pregnancy. You can use it for your hair, dry cuticles, elbows, heels and PREGNANT BELLIES.

Lip Balm in a shell? I’m obsessed…and I am sure every little girl will be, too…so stock up if you have daughters. These Vanilla + Peppermint lip balms are so beautiful and keep my lips so soft and fresh. I love all things beach so to pull out a shell that is actually healthy and safe lip balm makes me so happy.

5. GOOP Luminous Melting Cleanser
Goop and Juice Beauty got married and had a baby: only the most amazing skincare line. It meets the goop founder’s (Gwyneth Paltrow) wellness standards, which means it is safe, clean, non-toxic and good for everyone to use. This cleanser cleans and evens skin and feels luxurious.

6. EARTH TU FACE Skin Stick
OK is it obvious that I am obsessed with ETF? This skin stick is my go-to for healing, protecting and moisturizing my skin (face, lips, body, etc). It lives in my bag and I take it everywhere. Plus, super safe for kids and obviously pregnant women, too! Remember, ETF makes food-grade products…but again, fight the urge to take a bite. It is so much better on you than in you…

What products helped with skin issues during pregnancy for you? We’d love to hear it? Plus, let’s not forget the FOURTH trimester where everything seems to fall apart but you’re too tired to care… Any quick results products…eye brightener? Coffee scrub? People say it takes a village to raise kids but it might take two villages to help mama get her beauty game back.

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  1. Great article! There is a need to follow of such great skincare regimen to take its best care. I will definitely recommend these products. Thanks and keep sharing.

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