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SITC hosts Cold Weather Event

Last week, I hosted a super fun event featuring cold weather fashions. We partnered with Polarn O. Pyret, because they have become my go-to source each winter for gloves, hats, scarfs, snow pants, and ski gear. In addition to all the great gear, we shared some tips and tricks to keep your little ones happy and warm for the upcoming winter months.

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I thought it would be cool to share a story I told some blogger friends at the event. Last year, we were coming up on a weekend ski trip to Stowe Vermont, which I just about prepped for, but I figured why not stop in Polarn O Pyret, just to make sure we had everything for the kids’ first trip down the slopes. Well, after speaking with one of the sales reps, I was totally unprepared, and ended up leaving with two bags of ski essentials for the bigs. After that weekend, I realized they couldn’t have made it both days in the freezing rain without all their new stuff. Our trip was an incredible success, because both Siella and Ryder fell in love with skiing, and we already have this year’s maiden voyage planned for Gemmie.

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During the event, Jennifer, the President of PO.P stores in the US, explained the different types of styles and fabrics the Swedish brand offers. From rain boots to no-fuss party clothes to full snow suits, they basically have everything babies and kids need year round. The impeccably made outwear enables kids to actually move and play, and enjoy the cold weather. And, in case you were wondering, I had to ask, Polarn O Pyret means “Buddy and the Little Guy.”


As an incentive to some of our guests, I reached out to some other suppliers, who specialize in other cold accessories. My first call were my friends at Slope Ropes. With Gemma starting on the slopes this season, I know we will get lots of use with the Slope Ropes harness system. With a simple design, it is focused on teaching proper posture, making learning to ski fun for everyone from the very first run.


When I think winter, the first thing that comes to mind is a runny, sneezy noses. With this in mind, I am always equipped with Boogie Wipes during these cold winter months. These genius wipes are moistened with saline, perfect for wiping off and soothing gunky noses.


Staying hydrated during cold weather is key, and my children love seltzer and sparkling water. Tickle Water gives kids a pint sized sparkling water experience, with a super cool packaging, in the best tasting flavors.


My children, like all kids, are big snackers, so my bag is always overloaded with lots of munchies. Healthy munchies, that is. Pressed by KIND, the newest snack bars on the market have made a welcome addition to the snack arsenal. Made with ingredients like fruit, vegas and chia in some bars, there is no added sugar and 2 full servings of fruit. The Mango Apple Chia and Apricot Pear Carrot Beet flavors are delish!

Bitsy’s Brainfood snacks always manage to make their way into my kids’ lunch. Their company’s mission is to make great food that starts with a simple belief – healthy bodies and healthy minds are connected, and learning to eat smart should be fun.


What’s a little fun in the snow without a snowball fight. I was super excited to have Creative Kidstuff as a sponsor. Their shop offers creative, innovative and imaginative and toys. I love that every purchase helps children in need throughout the world via the Buy a Toy, Give a Toy program.


There were plenty of cool clothes on hand, but I had to make sure everyones hair looked good.  So Cozy helps manage tangles, frizzes, flyaway and even bedhead on those crazy mornings before school. Speaking of school, their Boo! line is specially designed to scare and repel lice, in case kids bring back more than just some homework from school.


As a lover of summer, I never thought I’d say this, but I’m pretty psyched for the upcoming winter months. We have so many things planned, and can’t wait to get all three kids on the mountain this year!

Big thank you to all of our sponsors for partnering with us on such a fun event! 

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