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Self Care Spa Day

During this quarantine time we’re having to find new ways to self care outside of our usual mani/pedis and mimosas with friends.  I love personally initiating a spa night with my girls. its great quality time together while checking in on our self love. And as a mommy of three I can definitely say some alone time in a relaxing hot bath is such a luxury these days.  I recently found some amazing spa night self care products on Amazon Handmade. I love that whenever I purchase anything from Amazon Handmade I’m supporting a small business while as  the consumer enjoying all the conveniences of Amazon.  These are some of my favorite Amazon Handmade products for self care.

We all know how beneficial turmeric is for our body. I absolutely love how this is an all natural face mask that does the skin so much good.
I love a bath bomb and I love rose as a scent. A classic scent for a classic self care practice.
Sometimes just lounging in a comfy robe is all we need. This super soft personalized satin robe makes for a great addition to your self care routine.
Once you discover a hair wrap towel you never will use another towel for your hair again. A total game changer every woman needs!
Mother’s Day is coming up and this makes a great self care gift for that special mama in your life.
Scrunchies are back! When I’m home taking a bath or doing a face mask, a scrunchie is a must have. These are perfect for spring and summer!
I love this all in one gift set. Truly makes for the ultimate small business all natural gift for the person in your life that deserves a little extra self care.
I love this all in one set. I can totally imagine gift this set that so perfectly comes with the scrubbing glove, towel, wishing necklace, and more!
Who doesn’t need a little less stress these days? This amazing essential oil will help destress and reconnect with our mind and body.
I just love the title of this scrub so much. If you have someone in your life who consistently has to get up super early, this makes a great little self care gift for them.
My go to nail color is a pink sparkle. I love that in purchasing this nail polish I get my favorite color and I get to support a small business.
My hands are always dry! This ultra moisturizing cream keeps me super soft!

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9 thoughts on “Self Care Spa Day”

  1. Yes! It’s time to treat ourselves with a home spa day! I love those pretty robes and the boxed gifts. Great gifts for “just because.” I’m going shopping now. Thanks!

  2. I love doing spa days. I do them with my daughters too. It is always fun and relaxing. I see some amazing products here too.

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