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Scootin’ Round Town

In our neighborhood, it seems like a rite of passage for a child to start riding on a scooter. Scooters make getting around town fun and easy. Heck, Jason and I even own one. Living down here in Battery Park we are lucky to have miles upon miles of pavement along the Hudson, without street lights and traffic. And when the weather is on our side, like it was this weekend, it means non stop outdoor play and lots of scooting up and down the Hudson River bike paths.

Razor Scooters Around Town

While our main means of transportation is walking, these little pedal-less bikes often make moving around the streets of New York City much more efficient and fun. The kids absolutely love riding their scooters as a form of play, while I will use mine to get around on my overbooked days quicker. These rides take us sometimes to school, swim lessons, to the field for soccer practice, or simply just to the playground. In fact, the only time the kids are not using them is when it’s freezing, or the ground is covered with snow.
Razor Scooters Around Town

The kids are rocking some new rides from Razor. Ryder graduated to a two-wheeled ride last year, while the girls are still riding on the three wheelers. I’ve found through our years of riding that Razor scooters always have innovative designs, top notch quality and pretty cool styles and features.

Razor Scooters Around Town Razor Scooters Around Town

The girls are riding on Razor’s newest scooters, from their Razor Jr. line, the T3. The junior line is geared towards children 3-5 years old, which is perfect for my girls. With a three-wheel design that helps young riders build core balance and riding skills, the scooters are easy to turn, yet hard to tip over, offering little ones a great introduction to the world of Razor.

Razor Scooters Around Town

Having been introduced to scooting at around 1 1/2 years old, Gemma is pretty quick and fearless, except when it comes to stopping. She amazes all of us, every single time. Just like her big sis, pink is Gemma’s favorite color, so the neon pink T3 was right up her alley. I especially love the see-through turning mechanism, giving it a super cool and unique look.

Razor Scooters Around Town Razor Scooters Around Town

After trying Ryder’s two wheeler over the summer, Siella has been ready to make the jump, but her fear of falling kept her away. Until she builds up the nerve, we will stick to her neon green T3 for the next few months.

Razor Scooters Around Town Razor Scooters Around Town Razor Scooters Around Town

With an all black finish, Ryder couldn’t get enough of his new Razor Tekno. The scooter’s board actually lights up with a neon blue glow, with just one touch of a button. He’s so into it, and even starting to incorporate jumps into his routine.

Razor Scooters Around Town Razor Scooters Around TownRazor Scooters Around Town

The hint of spring yesterday has me dreaming for the warmer months ahead, which means lots more time spent outdoors, scootin’ around town.

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4 thoughts on “Scootin’ Round Town”

  1. We started with the small ones when mine was small and have upgraded to a larger sized basis. But the entire family still scoot nonstop around Austin.

  2. I can always count on our scooter for fun, especially when we have had some surprisingly nice weather this winter. Sure enough, the scooter came out and the smiles appeared.

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