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Ruum Back To School Shopping

A few weeks back I was invited by the lovely ladies at KidzVuz to attend a “Back To School” event at the Ruum store in West Nyack. Already a huge fan of the brand, I drove upstate taking along both the girls while Ryder attended camp. I was so excited to be back to school shopping and even more so when I saw all of the fabulous styles Ruum had to offer.


While I love shopping for my kids even more so than shopping for myself, I tend to get a little crazed because I’m in three different sections and sometimes stores. The Ruum store was super organized and I was able to navigate my time in between sections. For me shopping at a store that caters to each of my children is bonus for me!


Ruum offers extremely high quality items at really affordable prices. I’m pretty (well extremely) picky about what my kids wear, and was so excited that Ruum is so on trend. I was loving their faux leather jacket and skirt for Siella, cute cords and jeans, graphic tees, and awesome shoes.



I picked up a little bit for each child and was so stoked about my purchases, as were the kids. I’m looking forward to going back and even better, shopping Ruum online! Visit www.ruum.com 


SITC received a gift card to shop Ruum. 

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4 thoughts on “Ruum Back To School Shopping”

  1. Siella is so cute! I didn’t know about Ruum – It’s great to know that they are affordable. I just entered one of those moments when suddenly nothing fits (gotta love growth spirts!).

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