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Quarantine Book Recommendations For Moms

Well it looks like we all just got that extra time to read those books we said we would  finish. Reading has been so helpful for my mental health during quarantine. Escaping through an amazing fiction or feeling inspired by a powerful biography, all sorts of stories have been so needed. With Mothers Day next month I also included some wonderful additions that make for great gifts for all motherhood journeys!

Follow along Caits journey as she tries to make her wrongs right. After a tragic summer at 17 years old, Cait has to pick up the pieces and grow!
Inspired by her TEDTalk, Brave Not Perfect is an international bestseller. Reshma encourages women to embrace imperfections to living a bolder and more authentic life.
A mother’s love is unconditional and endless. This lovely collection of motherly quotes express just those sentiments. A great gift for Mother’s Days.
Laura Prepon documents how she went from a totally easy pregnancy full of joy, to the sometimes hard realities of parenting. As she grew into her motherhood, she revisits her own upbringing and its impact in her personal journey.
This wonderful collection of biographies will encourage all women to seek their highest goals. The stories of past leading ladies who have paved the way for women to come.
Samantha Irby is hands down one of the funniest writers I have ever come across. Her essays will have you laughing so hard, and we can all use a little extra joy these days.
Many of us grow up thinking we wont end up like our mothers. Well Jo was set to not become like her mom, until she realizes all her greatest joys come from her mother.
Founder of the beloved brand BAN.DO Jen Gotch documents her mental health journey through years of personal and professional loss and growth.
This helpful book gudies women through affirmations, quotes, and exercises to feeling their best selves. A great addition to your quarantine time.
Tired of mom shamers? Or being told what is best for your child outside of your own opinion? This hilarious book challenges all the nay sayers and sets the record straight on all parenting conflicts.

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17 thoughts on “Quarantine Book Recommendations For Moms”

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  2. Books are one of the best ways to scape the lockdown right now. They are a small window into another world and they do help you stay distracted from everything that is going on. Great list!

  3. thanks for the list. i’m not a mum yet but i am sure many moms would love these books. personally i hate the f* word so i’d steer away from that book but i did like the idea of not sitting if you can dance (cute title) so if i had to choose a book it’d be that one.

  4. These are all looks a great books and I want to read all of them looks like I have a lot of time to read 😀

  5. These are all lovely book suggestions. I would love to read them all. My top choice would be the book, A Mother’s Love. That is what I miss the most right now. The love and care my mom gave me when she was still alive. 🙁

  6. Blair villanueva

    I love reading books, and now I am looking for something new to read. I will definitely check this from Amazon. Hope the dealer could ship to Australia.

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