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Personalized Learning

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Education is paramount in our family but like any parent with three kids in different grades and different schools it can be easy to lose track of their progress. I try to stay involved with my children and school as much as possible, so I can correct problems as soon as they arise. If they need tutoring or extra help I step in and provide them with all of the tools they need to succeed.

Homer: Learning App For Kids | Stroller In The City

Reading is one of my biggest focuses. Reading was such a challenge in the beginning with Ryder and then Siella started to struggle, but with Gemma it seems to just click. Gemma is in kindergarten and I am so shocked and thrilled to say she LOVES reading and learning at an accelerated pace. Maybe this is because I have filtered through so many different reading tools and programs that I can quickly identify methods and styles that work.

Homer: Learning App For Kids | Stroller In The City

HOMER is our newest reading tool that has been helping Gemma excel at reading. HOMER is an app that offers thousands of lessons on phonics, sight words, ABCs and more. It is so simple to get started and the program grows with your child according to their reading level. Students get a personalized learning plan known as “My Pathway,” which starts kids learning at their level or reading stage. You can set up different profiles if you have multiple children, too.

Homer: Learning App For Kids | Stroller In The CityHomer: Learning App For Kids | Stroller In The City

HOMER’s Personalized Learning Plan helps Gemma through a sequence of lessons, stories, songs and games. It keeps her interest and she stays engaged so much longer. First Readers is the perfect stage for Gemma, since the stories are created for the earliest readers and use words learned in the early stages of reading. Gemma is learning how to decode words and sound out letters—there are videos throughout the app, so it keeps her constantly engaged and learning. There is even a playback feature, so she can listen to herself reading! It is really cool.

Homer: Learning App For Kids | Stroller In The City

Gemma loves all of the other learning activities that HOMER has to offer, too, like Songs and Rhymes, Art, StoryTime and Brain Games. Discover the World lets her learn about the five senses or join Ocean Explorers. Each one of these activities helps to encourage reading skills. There are so many fun folktales and bedtime stories. It is such a fun app but mostly—it is getting Gemma so excited about reading and learning. Sometimes finding the right match is key and this reading app is truly making a difference. I am so jazzed about this app that I have a special treat for all the parents out there who are desperate to get their kids on track with reading…a 30-day free trial! Just click this link and unleash some Kid Powered Learning!

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Homer: Learning App For Kids | Stroller In The City




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9 thoughts on “Personalized Learning”

  1. I love that this can be personalized to each child. That makes it all the better. Every child learns differently and is interested in different things.

  2. This would be the perfect app for my toddler. She is getting really good at her letters and numbers and is starting to need a little more of a challenge!

  3. Nowadays kids learn more and more with screen learning. I need to check this out! Sounds interesting!

  4. What you’ve done with your previous kiddow while teaching the how to read, truly helped you to find the right approach in your third trial! I am so happy for your girls that they persevered and learned how to read.
    And now with Gemma, you are enjoying faster results with the reading tools that have “grown” with the time as well.

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