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Nightie Light

Sleep in our house is no easy task. In fact, it’s gotten so out of hand that I sometimes question whether or not it can ever be fixed. Basically, all three kids get into the bed at the same time each night, but for an entire hour, someone chooses to either cry, scream, giggle, or simply just get out of bed, refusing to sleep. When she was younger, I would put Gemma down first, and the big kids would usually follow. But now, she refuses to go in the bedroom, unless it’s all three at once. Jason has been out of town lately, so its on me to get them kids to bed. Every night they promise it will be different, but after story time, brushing their teeth, singing them a lullaby, the chaos ensues. When the time comes, Siella will usually falls asleep first. Once Siella is out, I can focus on Gemma, but since she has graduated to a big kid bed, it’s hard to keep her from climbing out of bed and coming into the living room.
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I started to think back to the days when they would fall asleep, without me laying next to them, and I realized it was when we use to have a night light. I’m not sure what had become of their original lights, but I recently found these from Skip Hop. These comforting Take Along Night Lights are part of Skip Hop’s Zoo collection, which I hope will help foster their independence during bedtime. The unit is cord free, with an oversized on/off button, has an easy-grip handle, and a 30 minute auto off which dims gradually.

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I thought if I surprised the girls with new Night Lights and matching pajamas, I could incentivize them to do their best to sleep on their own. Siella has the the blue and pink Butterfly ZOOJAMAS, and Gemma has the blue and red Owl. Skip Hop’s ZOOJAMA’S Signature Zoo characters are made into pajamas with fun appliqués and embroidered details. They are super soft, and made with 100% cotton for a good night’s sleep.


Last night was our test run, and I am happy to say that it went smoothly. I was still required to stay in the bedroom initially, but the lights put them at ease sooner, which resulted in them falling asleep easily.

Skip Hop remains a trusted brand for since buying my little cousin their playmat, many years ago. And with the holidays around the corner, Skip can be a great gift for expectant and veteran moms. Just check out their Explore and More collection which includes, Amazing Arch Activity GymActivity BookMusical Instrument Set, and Pull & Go Cars.



In case you are looking for any last minute ideas, I’ve assembled a little holiday guide, with items at every price point. Skip Hop has grown with my family, carrying us through many milestones. Their designs are unique, colorful, and make learning, and even going to sleep, so much fun. I will keep you updated on how our nighttime routine progresses.

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  1. Sleep is still a carnival ride in this house and mine is no longer a baby… I’m game for anything you never know what will work 🙂

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