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My Book Worm

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I’m proud to say that one activity Gemma adores the most is reading. She loves looking at books, pretending to read them, and adorably, she always starts a page with “I”. In the kid’s playroom, we have four book shelves about her height, and I usually find her perched in front of them everyday. The reading routine started around the time that Ryder was 6 months old, Jason and I made sure to read him books before bedtime, and we carried that forward with the girls. Now, its evolved, because Ryder actually reads one book per evening to his sisters. This is probably my most favorite part of the day, because the kids are freshly bathed and nestled up on the couch, each eager to choose their own book. It’s a guaranteed moment of calm, to cap over a typically hectic day.



I was recently cleaning out the playroom in preparation for the holidays, and I noticed Gemma didn’t have any personalized books, including her name as if she was one of the characters, but her brother and sister have tons. To start off her collection, I ordered some books from my favorite maker of personalized books, I See Me. The big kids’ books mark each one of their milestones, and I not only appreciate the way that they incorporate the individual child, but their family as well. And my favorite part, there is always a picture of them on the cover page, so they know it is clearly their book, which makes them feel special.


With the holiday season upon us, I felt it was only fitting to start with “Gemma’s Night Before Christmas“. I figured this story is a classic treasure, that even Siella and Ryder will enjoy it. I was actually going to save the book for Christmas Eve but couldn’t hold out, and the minute she saw it, she squealed, because she totally knew it was for her! It was precious-even I was excited. The I See Me books allow for a special dedication message, a photo, and in this particular story, your child’s name is even included on Santa’s “Nice” list. Another cute place where her name is featured is in a drawing of the stockings hung by the chimney with care. Each stocking bears the name of our family members, including the pups.

IMG_0575 IMG_0606 IMG_0624

At the moment, Gemma’s Night Before Christmas is her favorite book. Not only at bedtime, but throughout the day, she walks around the apartment, asking us to read it to her repeatedly. Its so cute that she has made this holiday book part of our daily routine over the past few weeks, and I know this beautifully illustrated storybook is sure to become a tradition in our family will cherish every December.

IMG_0641 IMG_0619

I See Me allows you to create a unique holiday gift for the special child in your life with their personalized books. Holidays are about traditions and families coming together to celebrate these traditions. This year, start a new holiday tradition by reading the personalized book, from I See Me.

Thank you I See Me for sponsoring this post. 

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