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More Than Prayers for Las Vegas

I’m so sad, so angry, so enraged, and just lost from this morning, I’m trying to put it all into perspective. Like most, we woke this morning to the horrific news from Las Vegas. It filled the airwaves as I was in the car with the kids driving to school. At first,  I couldn’t understand what they were saying, because my body was numb as I immediately thought of my childhood friend who lives there. Her husband works in the hotel industry, and if I recall correctly it was the Mandalay Bay. All I could think about was that she hadn’t texted me yet, and even though it was only 4am in the desert, time never stopped her. The minute I pulled over to let Ryder out, I reached out to her. She was ok, but beyond freaked didn’t even cut it.

More Than Prayers for Las Vegas

The stats are still coming in, but with 58 confirmed deaths, and over 500 in the hospital, this is one of the deadliest shooting in United States history. This makes me sick to my stomach. Say what you want, but we have to acknowledge that this all comes down to gun control. I’ve been part of the Everytown for Gun Safety and Credo Action, from which I receive at least two to three updates weekly about what is going one with NRA, including their new bill attempting to deregulate gun silencers, which can cause so many more problems. I read every single one of their emails, click on links to donate, and sign petitions, in an effort make some kind of change in our gun laws, because what’s in place clearly is not working.

I am against guns. My children aren’t even allowed to play with toy guns. Not even water guns. Guns kill, and I don’t understand why anyone would want to own one. Seriously. People who hunt as a sport, maybe, and even that brings up the question of animal cruelty, but lets not go off on that tangent. And just because the constitution, written in 1787 states state we have the right to bear arms, we don’t have to do so. It’s 2017 for crying out loud!

Ryder heard and understood the radio this morning and asked “why do people have guns anyway?” And you know what, I really didn’t have an answer for him! We are not fighting over land in the Wild West, or hunting for dinner out our high rise windows!

Just two weeks ago Siella’s school went on a lockdown during pickup because of a suspected shooting at a nearby college! Fortunately, it was a false alarm, but this is the world we are living in today? I think our children deserve better than this!

Here is a list of mindless shootings over the past ten years! Will it ever end?

Oct. 1, 2017. Las Vegas
July 7, 2016. Dallas
June 12, 2016. Orlando
Dec. 2, 2015. San Bernardino
Nov. 27, 2015. Colorado Springs
Oct. 1, 2015. Roseburg
July 16, 2015. Chattanooga
June 17, 2015. Charleston
Oct. 24, 2014. Marysville
May 23, 2014. Isla Vista
April 2, 2014. Killeen
Sept. 16, 2013. Washington, D.C.
June 7, 2013. Santa Monica
Dec. 14, 2012. Newtown
Oct. 21, 2012. Brookfield
Sept. 27, 2012. Minneapolis
Aug. 5, 2012. Oak Creek
July 20, 2012. Aurora
April 2, 2012. Oakland
Oct. 12, 2011. Seal Beach
Jan. 8, 2011. Tucson
Aug. 3, 2010. Manchester
Feb. 12, 2010. Huntsville
Nov. 5, 2009. Killeen
April 3, 2009. Binghamton
Feb. 14, 2008. DeKalb
Dec. 5, 2007. Omaha
April 16, 2007. Blacksburg

Today we mourn for everyone involved in this massacre. We pray for them, and we pray for change. It is really on us to make the change! We need to elect leaders who will lead this country, and insist on more stringent gun control. Not just anyone should be able to purchase a gun! How about background checks, or waiting periods? I mean to get married I had to apply for a license first in case I changed my mind! We need more of that, something, anything! Take a minute and look at the Everytown for Gun Safety website, to see what you can do or sign this petition now. It is time for Republicans in Congress to join Democrats in standing up to the National Rifle Association and pass commonsense gun control laws that will save American lives.



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6 thoughts on “More Than Prayers for Las Vegas”

  1. I’m deeply saddened and feel so helpless..I’ve offered up many prayers for all involved in this horrific tragedy. Though I’ve always supported the second Amendment, these constant mass causality shootings makes me SICK! I’m deeply angered by those who are so selfish to take so many innocent lives 🙁 my thoughts go out to the many families, moms,dads,children,sisters,brothers….ETC.

  2. Yes and yes and yes. This is a great post! There are so many things wrong it seems like we don’t know where to start but COMMON SENSE GUN CONTROL! Is exactly that…common sense. I am so sick of people cliging to the idea that guns equal freedom–for who? They don’t. Sport shooters who like automatic weapons–give it up! Sometimes we have to make a sacrifice for the greater good. But sadly, I doubt these wackos at the NRA or the Republican party will do a thing…if they didn’t make a change when six-year-olds were murdered in yet another mass shooting, they won’t now. That’s why we need to make our voices LOUD!
    MOMS: Boycott companies whose owners/CEOs support guns…call your reps…protest! Bravo Brianne!! I’m with you!

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