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Kitchen & Cookware Must Have’s

Recently purchasing our new weekend home, has really inspired my household favorites and must have’s. As we renovated our new kitchen, I got to thinking about all the products I knew I had to eventually fill it with. From recipe making to everyday uses, these are the items I truly believe are needed for a happy chef and delicious meals!

This set is amazing!! Whether for yourself or as a gift, this 12 pieces of stainless steel set makes for any kitchen must have.
Le Creuset is an international household name. These are my favorites when baking fish, sweet treats, or childhood recipes!
I believe a mandoline is definitely a kitchen must. Whether your chopping up salads or stews, this is a handy way of being extra efficient with your veggies.
Time and time again chefs will tell you a microplane is a must in any kitchen. You don’t realize how much it’s needed until you have one and find yourself always using it.
A slow cooker has been an international favorite for decades. This slow cooker from 360 Cookware is an amazing choice for busy on the go families who enjoy coming home to a home cooked meal.
This is non-stick set from Caraway is not only a must have but its aesthetically gorgeous. Use the link provided for 10% off site wide.
This is the most delicious olive oil I have ever tasted. Whether you use it while cooking or tossed raw, this olive oil goes a long way.
We all know how often salt is used. Literally almost ever meal requires some salt to taste. These are my absolute favorites and they make an amazing gift.
Lemons and limes are so often used in the kitchen and in recipes. I use this lemon squeezer almost on a daily basis!
Any chef will tell you a cast iron is a must! This will really elevated your cooking and recipes!
I think a waffle maker is a must have for any family. Waffle makers really elevates weekend brunches and create a lot of fun and joy.
A blender is a recipe must have. Whether you’re whipping up summer smoothies or delicious soups and dips, this is an item you’ll use often!

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24 thoughts on “Kitchen & Cookware Must Have’s”

  1. What a great list of musthaves for our kitchen. I dont have the others i may look into getting them but glad we have the same matching pans and pots 😀

  2. Melanie williams

    We always make sure we have the right equipment, as it makes out kitchen live so much easier, so we can actually enjoy the cooking x

  3. These are must-have cookware for any kitchen. A good set of cast iron pan is something I always want in my kitchen. I enjoyed going through this list.

  4. These are must-have cookware for any kitchen. A good set of cast iron pans is something I always want in my kitchen. I enjoyed going through this list. I want to look for a waffle maker.

  5. Such a great round up the kitchen appliances and gadgets. I’m a cook and a foodie and I discovered a few I need to add to my mix, thank you for sharing!

  6. Erik the Hungry Traveller

    As someone who cooks and bakes having all these in your pantry is just heaven! Although lemon squeezers are an absolute must have since most of what I cook be it dessert or savory dishes needs lemon in them. Thanks for these suggestions absolutely loved it!

  7. That cast iron set looks beautiful. That’s certainly something we’re lacking in this house. Everything we own has been carried over from our previous house or hammy downs.

  8. You shared so many goodies here! I am an absolute fan of all things le creuset! I will have to place an order for the stoneware product you recommended today!

  9. An interesting and thorough spread of gadgets! I love that smooth looking blender. Might have to add it to the kitchen!

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