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Kids Spring Reads

It’s not spring and I’ve been doing a spring refresh not only with cleaning in the house, but with children’s books as well! It’s really fun to see what’s new out there in the bookstores and I think children’s books these days are just so important. Not only are they a great escape from reality, but they can teach lessons that maybe aren’t so easy for us to explain ourselves. Our kids get so much reading in school. For this reason, I like to make sure my children have books to come home to. And ones that they enjoy to read in their free time. Finding your new favorite spring books is something I think young kids can still have fun with. It’s a new season, which means a new beginning.

kids spring books

If you’re looking for the best way to build good habits, it can definitely start with a list of spring books for your littlest readers. A beautiful book can take a long winter and turn it into the wonders of spring. With the change of season, dreary days of winter are behind us and springtime blossoms our local library. These also make a great addition to an Easter basket! Here are the best spring books for your kids to add to their bookshelves.

kids spring books


Firstly, a children’s book is a great way to teach a life lesson to young readers. The reading level does not matter. These stories can be told in chapter books, a picture book, graphic novels, fairy tales and really through any kids’ books. Subjects are taught in school, but there are things children learn at home that maybe are better told through a great book for young minds. For example, personal care and racial equality!

Furthermore, books have come a long way over the years and I am so thrilled with the options these days. A heartwarming story can have a great moral at the end. Books are great ways to teach kids about subjects that might be more difficult to explain otherwise. Authors have a way with words!

kids spring books

Fun Reads

Secondly, while our children get so much homework and assigned reading for classic books, I think it’s important to have a great escape for them in their free time from school work and activities. For instance, the joy of reading can be learned early on, which is what I’ve always tried to instill in my children. Books are an escape from reality and if that means they need an interactive book or a classic tale, they can choose to read whatever their hearts desire.

My kids are older now, so they love to choose their own books. It’s a bit sad that they’re pretty much done with gorgeous illustrations and little golden books, but moving on from easy text to advanced children’s literature is something that’s been amazing to watch. The growth and learning that happens each day is immense and a lot of new growth can actually come from reading!

kids spring books

Teaching Imagination

Finally, allowing our children time to read a wonderful book and use their imaginations after learning math and history all day is something I see as essential. It keeps them hopeful and there’s nothing wrong with a great imagination. It’s what makes things more fun! Some of the best children’s books are stories where the wildest things happen and they can not just in a story. One important thing to remember is that we want our children to have big dreams and goals and learn that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to! We are raising the next generation of leaders. Put the homework aside for a little and take a break to find fun ways to use your imagination! We all need a break from hard work, after all.

kids spring books

For more book recommendations, visit here!

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Firstly, this is amazing for mental health coping strategies. It’s in the form of an infant book, but all about the magic of being a mother and acknowledging all of the things we do on a daily basis.
Secondly, books like this are so precious, I adore them! It’s a book full of fun poems to welcome spring.
Thirdly, any NYC based book, we love! It’s a kids story that walks us through all the boroughs and you feel like you explored the whole city!
This is a book with great morals. Life can be tough and words can hurt, but we are bigger than that and can learn to love ourselves no matter what others may say to try to get inside our heads.
If your kids like graphic novels, I always recommend this series because the kids love it! They are full of entertainment and there’s plenty to create a collection of.
We love celebrating the little things we all enjoy in life. Math is a cool subject and if your kids enjoy it or struggle with it, either way, it’s a great read to teach them how fun and important this school subject can be.
Furthermore, this is a perfect kids bedtime story! A bear is preparing for hibernation but when a bunch of friends show up, sharing the doughnuts becomes important.
I love this teen read! It’s about a girl who has been the perfect student but doesn’t get into the university she wants so she wonders if this is really what she dreamed of or if there is something else better out there for her.
The summer reads are always so fun. This teen novel is about a summer of secrets mixed with a coming of age story. You won’t be able to put it down!
Moreover, this murder mystery appeared out of nowhere. How can a night at prom turn into an accusation of murder suspects?
This is a tougher read as it battles an eating disorder but it is a tale of endurance and strength. You are never alone in what you are going through and your support system matters!
This is the ultimate world of imagination! When a bookshop casts a spell, the characters find out more about themselves that is more extraordinary than the tales in the books.
This is more than a coming of age story. It’s about race and standing up for what is right and equal, than going with the crowd!
This teen book is a great spring book to end the school year with. It’s about a football team who comes back to town to mourn their childhood coach and relive their glory days.
Finally, I love a good recipe! This book breaks down different produce options and gives you more details on what to look for when you shop next.

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kids spring books
kids spring books

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