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New York City Guide To The Holidays

There is nothing more exciting than the holiday hustle and bustle in New York City. So many festive things to see and do with the kids. Growing up in New York and raising three children means I definitely done the legwork when it comes to kid friendly holiday activities! Here is your ultimate guide to New York City during the holidays! 


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16 thoughts on “New York City Guide To The Holidays”

  1. It looks like Christmas in New York is magical, from the decorations to all the fantastic events happening around town. I would love to experience the winter holidays there one time.

  2. I have always wanted to go to New York and it sounds like Christmas is the perfect time! There looks like there is lots to do and everyone as exciting as the next. I would love to do Christmas in the U.S., they sure know how to have a great time.

  3. I really really want to go to New York during the festive season as it’s on my wish list. I want to see the Rockefeller tree, go to radio city and see the show and everything else. One year I’ll make it x

  4. I have always wanted to head to NYC to celebrate Christmas there as I have heard that is is wonderful there. Your post has just reminded me that I need to book my trip for next Christmas to NYC

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