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Giving Them A Bright Future

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The crisp smell of fall, tiny kids lugging big backpacks, yellow school buses idling on the corners…school is back in session in the Manz home. Getting my kids into a routine and making their studies a priority is essential. I try to continue the work at home and incorporate homework and studying into our daily life but with two kids in grade school and another in pre-K, I can’t dedicate enough time to everyone’s needs so I must bring in the professionals. Honestly, the reading prep I can handle no problem but some of these new math lessons baffle me—what happened to long division?

Bright Kids tutoring review

Bright Kids is a full-service tutoring company specializing in test prep and subject tutoring. They combine the right processes, materials and teacher training to ensure success for your kids. The process starts with an assessment and diagnostic to determine the students strengths and areas of improvement so they can customize the tutoring sessions and curriculum for each student. The staff is incredibly experienced and they have plenty of resources and tablet-based learning to keep kids engaged, which is perfect for our technology age. Bright Kids has apps and different materials for kids to use. Plus, there is a portal for parents, tutors and office staff to track student progress. They are based in New York for face-to-face sessions but also offer virtual options for one-on-one tutoring, and there are plenty of publications and materials available, too.

Bright Kids tutoring review

As you know Siella is starting first grade and she has been a little reading resistant because she hates getting the words wrong or making mistakes so I have been sending her to tutoring all summer AND plan to continue this throughout the school year. Ryder has been dealing with dyslexia, which is not something I have experience with so I need to seek out tutors so he understands how to deal with it and doesn’t feel helpless.

Bright Kids tutoring review

Tutoring isn’t strictly for extra help during the school year. My kids continue their studies throughout the summer so they don’t fall behind come September. Both Ryder and Siella went to regular tutoring during the summer break and now they feel confident to start the new year. Siella and Ryder have both responded so well to the tutoring that I plan to utilize this service for future test prep and I will definitely send Gemma for enrichment tutoring so she is ahead of the game for kindergarten.

Bright Kids tutoring review

It is also essential that I find tutors who will not only work with their individual needs but have flexible schedules (to fit around our crazy busy days) and convenient locations. Bright Kids is headquartered in downtown Manhattan and has a location on the Upper East Side (plus a pop-up location on the Upper West Side) but they also offer home tutoring, which is absolutely perfect for us so I don’t have to add another destination to my already packed itinerary.

Bright Kids tutoring review

Over the past few weeks, Bright Kids has helped my big kids understand that with the right help and practice they can overcome any learning obstacles and take the stress out of school. Looking forward to a great school year!


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13 thoughts on “Giving Them A Bright Future”

  1. It is great that you found caring tutors who work around your schedule and travel needs. I hope they have outlets in the other boros so we might be able to take advantage of these great teachers.

  2. I might need some of that tutoring for my kiddo! He is fighting school a lot lately and I think that it’s because he doesn’t think he knows stuff and get scared! I would love for him to be more confident.

  3. Bright Starts sounds like a great resource for helping out your kids! You can see the confidence your children have when they know they are doing well in school.

  4. That is awesome that there are tutoring resources available for you! When kids succeed, everyone wins! We can celebrate their success and boost their confidence.

  5. This is great. Bright Starts is perfect for us, because we need someone who can work with our children’s individual needs. Our youngest daughter needs someone completely different than our oldest daughter does.

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