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First Out

Sunday was our first outing as a family of five. Yes, we have already been to restaurants, playgrounds, street festivals together but this was the first time all five actually got in our car and drove somewhere. Since Gemma has been born it has been hard for all of us to escape during the weekends. The nurse care I needed on weekends were never at set times, so we needed to plan our days around them which usually left  Jason taking the big kids somewhere while Gemma and I stayed home. Ryder and Siella were psyched to have Gemma in the car with them.

But this weekend was different, we were invited to attend a New York Mets game at Citi Field for Moms and Families Day. Shockingly, we all made it out of the house on time and to our destination with minutes to spare. We arrived about two hours before game started so we were able to take full advantage of Citi Field which is loaded with tons of fun things for the kids. Mr. Met came out to take pictures with us. Ryder was psyched to meet him but Siella was a little afraid of him. Since Mets were playing Philly, the kids had a chance to dunk the Philly’s player by throwing a baseball at the target and play in the mini batting cages. Citi Field has tons of fun restaurants and places to eat, like Shake Shack and Blue Smoke. I was even impressed to see a Gluten free stand, something a good friend of mine needs for her kids.

We were so impressed by how all of the staff members were beyond helpful and polite. Just walking through the stadium, the staff would hand out stickers to the kids. It felt as if we were given full VIP treatment! I have to say I was a little unsure about how the day would go since we were toting around a newborn, but everything went smoothly and the kids had a blast! Gemma slept most of the time in the carrier, which was great because I had time to watch and enjoy the game. I remember going to Shea Stadium as a kid and kind of being bored, but Citi Field is definitely a family friendly place and most certainly engage their kid visitors!

Overall, it was the perfect day. It felt so nice to leave the city and do something outside our neighborhood. It was the perfect medicine for us. Now that we’ve made it through our first family day trip, I’m looking forward to many more! Definitely check out SITC Facebook page for more fun events happening at Citi Field. Go Mets!

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