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Family Connection Week At Miraval Resort & Spa

Miraval Resort and Spa is synonymous with wellness all across the country. The location closest to me here in New York City is in Lenox, MA. Last month, Miraval Resorts hosted their first ever Family Connection Week, so Gemma and I jumped at the opportunity to experience it and let me just say it was exactly what these two city gals needed!

Family Connection Week welcomed guests ages 8 and up to experience family bonding that will elevate mindfulness and healthy habits along with building a foundation for a balanced life. Miraval offered so many kid-friendly programs curated especially for this week including cooking classes, a guided hiking tour, smoothie making class, painting and pottery classes, yoga, ropes course, farm exploration and more!


We arrived at Miraval Berkshires Sunday afternoon, and after settling in, I enjoyed an 80-minute Sweet Slumber massage to melt away the stress and stiffness of the drive. This was hands down one of the best massages I’ve ever received in my life, I’m still dreaming about it. Also wanted to not kids were not allowed to use the spa, but were able to use the pools and other facilities.


Monday morning started with a fun little smoothie class called Family Blend ‘N’ Balance Smoothies. Gemma and I learned how to make our own healthy smoothies that were as delicious as they were nutritious, and we had a lot of fun bonding over the experience.


Mid-day saw us at the Family Farm & Barn Exploration. This was an incredibly fun experience for two city girls like us! While there, we had the chance to interact with barn animals, learn about how they’re cared for, and generally see a slice of country life. After an hour at the barn, I headed back to the spa for Miraval’s new water therapy experience, Vasudhara. It combines in-water massage with blindfolds, noise-canceling headphones, and powerful underwater speakers to create a Thai massage experience that melts away every ounce of stress and focuses on maintaining a connection with your surroundings to stay in the present.


After my massage, we headed to a hands-on pasta-making experience. Gemma and I learned how to make our own pasta while exploring the fresh ingredients used by the chefs at Miraval. Of course, we also ate it! It was the best pasta we’ve ever eaten and the first pasta we’ve ever made. Our pasta class was over around 2:30 PM, so for the rest of the day, we just lounged by the pool, laughed, and generally had a great time soaking in the Miraval Berkshires atmosphere.


Tuesday began with a delicious breakfast, and then we headed off to enjoy Miraval’s Family Kennedy Park Hike. This beautiful park features no shortage of amazing views and natural beauty. The trails wind through gorgeous New England forests, offering plenty of time for conversation, taking in the natural beauty, and reconnecting with one another and Mother Nature.

After our hike, we enjoy Miraval’s Inner Radiance Dennis Gross Facial. It was 80 minutes of pure bliss. The products used restored and rejuvenated my skin, and the relaxation level was off the charts.

After our facial, we spent a few more hours at the resort, enjoying the views and atmosphere before we had to pack up and head back home. It was a much-needed reconnect for us to keep those mother-and-daughter bonds strong, and Miraval Berkshires was the perfect place to do it. I already have plans for another trip here with girlfriends and really looking forward to another Family Connection Week!


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