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Fall Ready In Old Navy

This post was sponsored via Old Navy

At first, I was saddened by the thought of  the kids going back to school, since we would be apart for many hours throughout the day, but as I started shopping for clothes and looking through the fall collections, I was reminded of all the fun activities during these beautiful chilly months. Soon, we will be going apple picking, gearing up for Halloween, and before we know it, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas. As the children grow older, they become more excited in anticipation for these special moments. Experiencing these moments with them as a parent is the absolute best ever!

In an effort to round out our back to school wardrobe, I decided to take my little fashionista to pick out a few more things for her and her brother at Old Navy. I really love Old Navy, and they’re always at the top of my lists when freshening up wardrobes from season to season. They offer fashionable items for my kiddies, and it is basically my one stop shop for scooping up essentials for all three of mine.

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Siella is really into picking out her own clothing, and I felt it would make dressing her in the morning easier, if I allowed her to pick out her new fall clothes. She loves dressing herself, and she coordinates fairly well for a three year old, but she does tend to get obsessed on an outfit, attempting to wear it every single day. This summer, she wore a pair of pink jellies everywhere (beach, playground, camp), leaving all other summer shoes practically new.


Siella’s style is typical for that of a three year old girl. Pink, pink, pink, and a bit of purple peppered in occasionally. She loves dresses, sometimes pairing them with leggings, and skirts are another one of her favs. Jeans are probably her least favorite, and usually resists wearing them most of the time, unless they are jeggings. She had no problem navigating her way towards every pink item Old Navy had to offer, and the selection this season is absolutely wonderful. I was loving the selection of everyday dresses, camo prints mix with florals and staple leggings for girls. I was really into the dressed up looks for Siella because she loves to get decked out when going to school, and with great deals Old Navys offers, I don’t mind having her wear these luxe pieces to school or even the playground. One of my favorite pieces was the faux shearling vest, I had to scoop up for both girls. Gemma may not be starting school this year, but that didn’t stop me from picking up some cute outfits for her as well.



In addition to her cool things for her and her sister, my little helper Siella had no problem picking out plenty of boys duds, for her big bro. Ryder doesn’t have much of an opinion about what he wears, but he definitely has his own sense of style- lots of skinny jeans, sweats, graphic tees, and plaid.  All perfect for my tall, lanky boy. Ryder had this jeans and T sense of style since he was about 3 years old, but he has recently been changing it up by adding sweat pants into his mix. Old Navy had great fashion forward type sweats that featured cool knee stitch detailing, I picked up every color for him.



We can’t wait to be decked out in our Old Navy threads, and looking forward to the changing season, with the fun fall activities coming our way.

Thank you Old Navy for sponsoring this post. 

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4 thoughts on “Fall Ready In Old Navy”

  1. Siella is just too adorable. Have you ever thought about modeling her? I bet she would be perfect. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. With halloween coming around the corner, so looking forward to seeing which costumes you pick this year! I remember last years line of costumes were amazing at ON.

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