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Fall Books to Cozy Up With

It feels like it’s been quite awhile since I’ve gathered a list of cozy books. There’s something about mysteries that give me fall vibes. Maybe it’s because you need a cozy blanket to enjoy new books with tales that are suspenseful. Halloween is not far away, after all! Books are something I enjoy in my free time, as they are such a peaceful escape from reality. Few things are better than curling up after a long day with the perfect book. I think reading every single day can do wonders for stress, especially with day to day life in New York City where we don’t exactly live a quiet life. I’ve put together a list of twelve of the best fall books to enjoy this time of year.


Firslty, people view the term self-improvement as something that is wrong and needs to be fixed. This could not be further from the truth. Certainly, these types of books are informative and exist purely to help make your life better and easier. Concurrently, now is the perfect time to work on bettering your routine with the best new book. Furthermore, a change of season can bring a lot of things along with it, and with the new season, there’s always room for improvement. For instance, some of my favorite books are those that improve my routine and give me tips on how to be the best version of myself.


Secondly, this is the best category! If you’re putting together a fall reading list, you could include the obvious choices that are best-sellers, such as Normal People, Perfect Strangers, Big Little Lies or even Malibu Rising. Besides, this is the category to check out for sure if you’re in a book club or one of the new readers, who is looking into getting into reading in the first place.

Figure out what type of books you like, the genre, that is. Particularly, do you want a suspenseful read, true crime, dark fairytale, historical fiction, a coming-of-age tale, a nonfiction true story, a crime novel or a comedic read? The list can go on and on this autumn season. Basically, some people like to just read the latest novel or books they never got to from their summer reading lists and those are both perfect options, as they are some of the best books. What ever happened to grabbing a warm blanket, hot cocoa and enjoying a Jane Austen book? I prefer to go for a fall-themed book or romance novels as cozy autumn books.

New Releases

Finally, what’s hot on the page turner list? For instance, I’ve been checking around for books with a fall or late summer release date and I think I’ve found quite the list! Furthermore, if you’re looking for an unexpected turn, new perspective on life, beautiful story of friendship, time travel, historical fiction, a story of love or a little romance, my favorite place to  look for newly released books is Amazon!

Correspondingly, it’s just really easy to look their all of their categories and most of the books are on Prime, so they ship quickly! It all depends on what kind of book you want, but Amazon makes it so easy to search for on there. Go for a family drama, a romance novel to enjoy a love story, a cozy mystery or suspense to read about dark forces and unanswered questions or an easy read of the simple life during the fall season. The perfect way to end a chilly day is to grab a great book, especially a new one while enjoying pumpkin spice lattes!

For more book suggestions, visit here!

Firstly, this was a highly anticipated book this year! It’s all about being loved and also heard in this tough world that is not always open minded or fair.
Secondly, the title alone had me hooked! This dark feminist tale of 3 women living in the gilded age in New York deals with powers and facing darkness.
Thirdly, now this is a good read! It’s a psychological thriller about a woman who actually becomes the subject in her true crime podcast!
A book all about society is always an interesting read. When a family comes into a large amount of money and moves to the rich side of town, will they remember what is important to them?
I love hearing success stories from people who have really been through some tough stuff. This book is inspirational and will make you believe it truly all will work out the way it’s supposed to.
Wow this title is a great one! This hilarious memoir talks all about womanhood and everything we have to go through.
Moreover, what better book for the month than this one?! It’s about a whimsical part of Scotland where a family is all driven to surprising destinies.
The imagery with this title is really something and the story is one that screams listen! This memoir focuses on mental health not just within a specific family, but that community, as well.
Furthermore, this is something we all need to read! It’s a book on having conversations that feel difficult these days and how to see new perspectives.
I want a purple house! This magical town is full of possibilities and when Iris mysteriously inherits a house, she rents the rooms out to people. One of which may become a love interest!
I had to include a romantic comedy! It’s all about a second chance at love and I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for these stories!
Finally, I got reeled in by this cover. It’s all about Isabella and her phenomenal legacy of American art she left behind in Boston.

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