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Fall Books For The Kiddies

Fall Books For The Kiddies | Stroller In The City

There few more beach weeks left before school but we are already thinking of fun fall books for the kids to get lost in!

Princesses Save the World, Savannah Guthrie // Made For Me//

The Lightening Thief // Willa of the Wood//

Little Chef //Hilda and the Hidden People

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Fall Books For The Kiddies | Stroller In The City

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9 thoughts on “Fall Books For The Kiddies”

  1. I didn’t know much about all these books but my little boy loves “The Little Chef”.He always enjoys going through it and I have no words to explain his impressions while looking into this book.

  2. Annemarie LeBlanc

    These look like really great books for the little ones. I don’t have little ones anymore but my grandchildren would surely enjoy reading these books. I will also share your book recommendations to my cousin who still has kids under 10 years old.

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