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Everything You Need From the Sephora Sale

The Sephora spring sale is finally here! It’s running now through April 11th. Although, in order to shop it, you must be a Beauty Insider Member, which is super simple to do. If you are a beauty insider, then you will have access to 20%, 15% or 10% off everything (depending on your status there)–which doesn’t happen often at all, so take advantage of that!

First, I like to jump on this sale for two reasons: the main one being to stock up on all of my favorite items. It’s pricey and that discount makes it easier to hit that pay now button. Additionally, the other great thing about this sale is that you can use it to try out new products that you maybe weren’t comfortable paying full price for.  Moreover, I break down my orders into four categories, which I will go into now!


Before all else, skincare is the foundation of everything. It’s the map to our bodies and your makeup won’t go on well if your skin isn’t taken care of. While most of skincare actually starts with what we put into our bodies and hydration, there is a lot we can control, such as moisturizing, sun care, etc. However, my girls are approaching their tween years and I’ve started teaching them about how important it is to take care of our skin.


Here’s the fun stuff! Makeup is a form of self expression and I think it’s really cool how creative each person is with it. I could watch those TikTok transformations all day! This is the main category I like to experiment with, as my skin and hair can be more sensitive to those type of products, this is one that’s generally safe. For instance, I love finding new lip products and lightweight CC creams to prepare for the summer. Summer makeup is always so fun.


Moreover, this is a very important category! I’m picky about what goes on my hair, as I should be. Hair can take a beating from hot tools, so it’s important that we make sure we know what exactly we’re putting on it when we go to take care of it.


Finally, this is the perfect time to stock up on gifts for friends and family! Whether it’s their favorite products or a gift set full of new things to try- there is no better time than now to be prepared. After all, getting organized and grabbing a deal are two great things.

What’s on your list from the sale?

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Let’s start with my favorite product at the moment. I love this brand, I stand by everything they make, when I tell you this has transformed my skin, I’m not exaggerating!
This brand is newer to Sephora and it’s outstanding. Additionally, it’s totally clean, can be used for frizz and counts as a heat protectant!
Let’s break this product down: it’s a concealer and daytime eye cream at the same time. I love makeup products that have skincare in them because they don’t just sit on your face, they go to work!
The IT Cosmetics CC+ is a trusted line that also is makeup with skincare in it–we love that! Overall, they just launched this product that has niacinamide, which is amazing for skin. Grab this before it sells out, it’s the foundation of the summer!
This is a really cool new product that I’m excited to try! It’ll last awhile, as a little of her products normally goes a very long way. Cream blush is perfect for the warmer months, as well.
I love finding new sunscreens to try out. I really like that this one is clear, I have a hard time rubbing most brands in. And the SPF is high, which is great!
Scalp care is just as important as skincare! This is something we’re just now learning about, but it really makes so much sense. This formula has no silicones and is cruelty-free.
A holy grail product. I use this every single day, it is the perfect moisturizer for your lips that adds the most subtle, pretty color.
This is the most luxurious brand to have in your shower! The products all have skincare in them, so they’re not just washing you down, they are taking care of your skin. You can choose from unscented and scented products, as well.
I’ve been dying to try this product! It’s all over TikTok and looks like it creates the prettiest glow. A little goes a very long way, too.
This is a brand I’m just now learning about and honestly, I’m a fan! Specifically, they are totally clean and vegan and the products actually do what they say they do. And, this is a stunning mascara!
The Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is a wildly popular product, and for good reason- it’s amazing. They just launched this cream that has squalane and collagen, which are both great for your skin. It smells amazing!
These are the best pillowcases. Although, they are great for your skin and hair, they are also pretty to look at!
I love a good Gua Sha. It really helps with drainage in the face. Equally, it can also be used on other parts of your body. This one works great!
Finally, the Airwrap is out of stock and this is the next best thing! It’s the best hair dryer on this planet and it makes the perfect gift!

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  1. Self care does matter and we all need to partake in self care more frequently than we do. Even something simple, like a good shower/bath and the right body wash and other things can make a difference.

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