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Everyone walk the dinosaur

This past weekend, Ryder and I ventured to Field Station:Dinosaurs in NJ. Field Station is a huge camp ground with over twenty acres of woods and mountain trails with actual life-size and very realistic dinosaurs. The dino’s are so surreal looking from the sounds they make right down to their eye lids batting..even I was a bit freaked at some points. My favorite of the dinosaurs included the ninety foot long Argentinosaurus, the largest animatronic dinosaur ever made (see pic 3). They also offer workshops, games and activities for the kids including digging for fossils, and safari hunts every 30 minutes. Upon completing these workshops you will receive a “stamp” on your passport given at entry.

Scientists from the New Jersey State Museum have worked to ensure that this exhibition encompasses the latest theories and discoveries in the fields of paleontology, geology, and environmental studies. Ryder was blown away the entire time. Overall, a wonderful day!

 A huge Thank You to Mama Drama for inviting us and providing us tickets to the event. 

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